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Spring Training Photo Fun

Since the Phillies have the day off today, I thought I would share some more Spring Training photos with you.  These fall under the categories of weird stuff, accidents and a whole lotta Shane Victorino.

Let’s start with Shane!  1st photo: Note that his glove has a special engraving, “Kaipo” – in Hawaiian, this means “Sweatheart.”  How cute is that?  2nd photo: A Yankees fan taunts Shane after catching a home run ball:

Victorino collage.jpg

Fans with possible brain damage – This first one is what happens when you have had one too many beers and a home run ball decides to visit:


And this one is not so funny; good news though, after getting beamed with a foul ball, this kid was ok!


YMCA Oddity:  Apparently, the ground crew at Yankees Spring Training are required to do the YMCA for the fans between innings.  The music started and here is what happened next:


And as soon as Victorino got on base after witnessing the YMCA insanity, here is what happened after that:


So how many of you are singing “YMCA” right now?  :O)

Another fun baseball event; the breaking of the bat.  Adam Dunn, Team USA, demonstrates.  Note the bat handle in the first shot:

Dunn bat.jpg

Thumbnail image for P3035904 Jeter Wright.jpgAnd finally, Derek Jeter and David Wright, brought together by the weirdness that is the World Baseball Classic.  After a game win, the two were caught fist bumping; but not without a safety divider.  Adam Dunn steps in to keep the weirdness from getting out of hand.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!  The Phillies will be back on the diamond tomorrow at 1:05pm to face the Yankees.


 (All Photos by Jenn)


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