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Trophy Madness

The World Series Trophy has been making the rounds in the Philadelphia area for months now; you would think the buzz would have died down a little by now.  After stopping by the Concord Mall in Wilmington, DE yesterday, it is clear that
0212091914.jpgall Phillies fans are still reveling in the glory of a World Championship.  The line to see the trophy ran the entire length of the mall.  It was a sea of red; parting the Red Sea, was the Phillie Phanatic.  The green fur flew as the Phanatic wandered through the crowd, hugging excited children and flirting with the moms.  Spring Training is hours away and yet, the party is not over.

I spoke with Phillies radio announcer, Scott Franzke for a little while and we talked about what an exciting time it was for Phillies fans and how we all were looking forward to Spring Training.  I also stopped by a sports store in the mall, Speedzone, and picked up this really awesome Phillies World Series jacket:
Thumbnail image for Jacket.jpg  You can contact Speedzone at speedzone014@aol.com or 302-478-5404 for more information.  The jacket I grabbed was the last one in the store, but they said more are on order and you can contact them for a specific size, from small to 6XL.  So far, this is the most unique jacket I have seen and I had to get it!

15 hours and counting until Phillies pitchers and catchers report.  Are you feeling it?  Peace, Love & Baseball,


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World Series Trophy Comes To Town!

WS Trophy cr.jpg

And here it is!  I even touched it :O)  Shhhhh…don’t tell!  Then had my photo taken with it…and you can too!  The Phillies Annual Holiday Sale is running this weekend at Citizens Bank Park and you can see, sneak in a touch, and have your picture taken with it tomorrow (Sunday) from 9am to 2:30pm.  The line today took about ½ an hour to get through and it was VERY cold…dress warmly!  The trophy is inside, but most of the line was not.  If you can still feel your toes by the time you leave, consider yourself lucky.

Also, if you are interested in Holiday Sale items, I can tell you the selection this year is slim and prices are sky high!  A 9 foot Chase Utley banner that I paid $50 for last year will now run you $150!  Yes, the EXACT same one.  Game used bats and balls, jerseys and autograph items were also available if you can afford them, but any key players were gone by the time I got in and I was like the 15th person in line.  Most of the merchandise is NOT from the World Series, but many items from the NLDS and NLCS are available.  I paid (imagine me cringing right now as I tell you this) $100 for an empty champagne bottle from the NLCS celebration.  But the Kyle Kendrick NLCS locker plate (he was the best player left) was only $10.  I also picked up a copy of Gary Matthews’ new book, “Phillies Confidential” and as promised, I will review the book as soon as I have read it.  Can’t wait to see how many Sarge-isms are cluttered throughout the book!  Or did his editor go crazy and remove all the ridiculous, yet charming, selective uses of grammar from Mr. Matthews’ first literary attempt?  That remains to be seen.

Anyway, rumor has it that the Trophy will be on a “tour” of some sort after the Holiday Sale commences tomorrow.  But in the event that the tour does not pass by near you, do get yourself over to CBP tomorrow and check it out!  Who knows when we will ever get to see one up close again?

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