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Vote For Me!

Our friend over at “The Max” blog is holding a Max Madness contest for MLBloggers and today, Phillies Phollowers will take on a Mets blogger, Pick Me Up Some Mets.  I am petitioning for your vote :O)  Please go HERE and VOTE for Phillies Phollowers!

While I have no experience at campaigning, I did think I should point out a few reason why should vote for me.

First, let’s see what I do not have to bring to the table:

 – I do not have a rich, influential Daddy, like some candidates:


– I do not have young interns to get me some extra press:

lewinski clinton.jpg

– I do not have Joe Biden to yell at people for me and scare them into voting my way:


However, I DO have many fine qualities that you look for in any candidate;
Phillie Dales.jpg

– Boys:  Who provided you with the Hooters girls photo?  That’s right…me.

– Girls:  Who gave ya half-naked shots of Pat Burrell, Cole Hamels, Shane Victorino and the Phillie-Dales?  Yes, me again.

– Everyone:  Queen Latifah thinks you should vote for me!

Queen Latifah.jpg

– So does Vince Papale – and remember, he is Invincible!


– And then there is my friend Wyland, marine artist, environmentalist and all-around nice guy :O)


– And never forget The Big Man, Ryan Howard:


– Oh, and my blogging is not half-bad either :O) 

Thank you for reading this shameless plug for my blog.  Now, please VOTE for me!  You guys rock!