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Kendrick Gets Pounded in Atlanta

As the battle for the 5th starting pitching spot continues, Kyle Kendrick appears to be cracking under the pressure.  In 3 innings against the Braves today, Kendrick surrendered 8 runs on 10 hits and a walk, including 2 home runs.  His ERA for the Spring has ballooned to 14.29.  Yikes!  Pitching coach, Rich Dubee is probably about ready to throttle the poor kid.  Not because he is stinking up the place, but because Dubee knows Kendrick is capable of getting the job done; but to this point, Kendrick has just not found a groove.  He is leaving the door wide open for the other 3 guys to take what was his spot to lose, and run with it.  What do you think the outcome will be?  Vote at the end of this blog.

Besides Kendrick, know who else is likely to take a beating?  The Hooters girls.  I have been yapping about this since Spring Training last year; in Clearwater, they stick Hooters girls out on the field to pretend to be ball girls.  They also give these un-athletic, baseball-ignorant chicks lawn chairs and allow them to sit throughout the game and read a book (I am SO not kidding) while line drive go whizzing past their bleach-blonde heads.  While I understand the entertainment value for the men who are apparently bored with the game and prefer to stare at plastic Barbie dolls, it is a dangerous game they are playing in Florida.  At one game, I watched as a line-drive flew so close to a Hooter’s girl’s head, that her hair flew up in the air as the ball went by and she never even looked up until after it was past her and she felt the breeze.

Thumbnail image for P2263877.JPG

There was another close call during the game today as well, as announcers Tom McCarthy and Gary “Sarge” Matthews pointed out.  Matthews said he hopes it never happens, but that the day it does, the Hooters girls will be done in Clearwater.  Seriously, one of these girls is going to be killed someday.  Some of them don’t even have gloves…and those that do, have NO idea what to do with them.  Again, I understand the need to entertain the crowd; heck, when I get bored, here is what I start taking photos of:


But I am pretty sure that my photography is unlikely to get my head ripped off.  Plus, I know how to catch a ball.  And besides, who doesn’t want to see photos of Greg Dobbs’ behind? :O)

Ok, that is my rant for the day!  Back to real baseball…and more nice views from the field:  Jason Donald! 

Donald 5x7b.jpg
What a cutie!  And this kid is determined to show off his stuff!  Ok, not that stuff; his hitting skills, of course :O)  Donald went 3 for 4 today and used his speed to score 2 runs.  Another hopeful, John Mayberry Jr., got back into action today, going 2 for 3 with 2 RBI including a solo home run.

Joining the hit party were Ryan Howard with 1 hit and 2 RBI; Raul Ibanez with 2 hits and 2 RBI; and Greg Dobbs with 2 hits and an RBI.  And it looks like no one really felt like pitching today, because the final score was 12-10; Atlanta had 21 hits and the Phillies ended up with 15.

And I am still trying to get hold of more information on Ryan Howard’s new tattoo for everyone.  Waiting patiently…  I have not forgotten :O)

WBC Highlights

I was pretty sure I had cursed Team Italy yesterday after proclaiming that I was rooting for them; well, they fell to Team Venezuela, 10-1.  So, Venezuela will play Team USA tonight for the right to move on to Round 2 in the Classic, and I will only root for the team that I do NOT want to win :O)  Brushing up on my Spanish…  Adiós!




Colorful Phillies News

P3046059 Hamels.jpg

Cole Hamels had his second outing of spring yesterday against the Reds in a 8-4 loss.  Looking a bit un-Cole like, he gave up 2 runs on 2 hits and one homer in 2 2/3 innings.  After the game, Hamels told Comcast SportsNet that “the fastball’s not there” and that his changeup “doesn’t really have that deception that it normally has during the season.”    Well, where ever those pitches are hiding, I hope he finds them before Opening Day.  Maybe the new blonde highlights have gone to his head?  Ok, so I am really not worried; but if he dyes his hair red next, I may have to consult a counselor.

And in Ryan Howard news, I have a Phillies Phollowers exclusive for you!  Ryan got a new tattoo this week…what is it?  You will have to stay tuned to find out; I am awaiting word on a photo.  A friend of mine knows the guy who did the tattoo and brought her son to meet Howard while he was getting it done.   Reportedly, Howard designed the new ink himself.  And I am guessing it brought him luck, as Howard went 2 for 3 with a solo home run in yesterday’s game against the Reds.  And the ink news continues: Brett Myers got a new tattoo of his own this week.  Will it bring him luck as well?

The luck does appear to have rubbed off on Jason Donald, who is on fire at the plate suddenly!  Donald went 3 for 4 in the game which he played at 3rd base and has brought his spring average to .320 with 8 hits in 25 at-bats, 6 walks and 2 RBI.  If he keeps this pace up, he may be a shoe-in to fill in for Pedro Feliz or Chase Utley if they are not ready for Opening Day.  Plus, he is adorable and very friendly.  I give out extra points for those qualities :O)

Speaking of Utley, here is what he had to tell Comcast SportsNet yesterday about the progress of his recovery:


Chris Coste, who has been nursing an injury, played a few innings yesterday and looked like he was feeling good.  Also getting back to form, Chad Durbin, Brad Lidge and Feliz are expected to see their first spring action tomorrow at 1:05pm against the Atlanta Braves.

And the sad news of the day; six Phillies rookies were sent to the minors yesterday; pitcher Yorman Bazardo; infielders Ozzie Chavez, Anthony Hewitt and Terry Tiffee; and outfielders Jeremy Slayden and Chris Walker.  This narrows down the roster a bit.  I wish them all good luck!

WBC Highlights

Team Italy beat out Team Canada yesterday, knocking them out of the classic.  Looks like Matt Stairs will return to the Phillies shortly.  Later today, Italy will play Venezuela to see who will face Team USA tomorrow.  Personally, as an Italian-American, I am voting for an Italy-USA match-up.  Of course, I may have just doomed Italy to failure by stating that… :O)

And in yesterday’s win over the Netherlands, Phillie JC Romero pitched 1 1/3 innings of 1 hit ball, getting the win for Team Puerto Rico.  You go JC!


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