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Utley and Rollins 2010 Analysis

Continuing my series on the 2010 player breakdown, today I will analyze the season’s of second baseman Chase Utley and shortstop Jimmy Rollins.  Here is a quick look at some of their key stats for the last 5 seasons:

















































































































































Both players have been in a steady decline; some of it has been due to injury and some of it is more mysterious.  The downward trend of their power numbers, as reflected in the slugging percentage, is concerning.  This means both players are getting fewer extra-base hits overall and less production.

b BP and warmups (4).jpgMost of Utley’s issues have been the result of injuries piling up; a broken hand in 2007; hip surgery after the 2008 season; and surgery on a sprained thumb this year.  Rollins, on the other hand, has had fewer injuries.  After winning the MVP award in 2007, he sprained his ankle in 2008 but it was not very serious.  This year, Rollins had a strained calf and later, a hamstring issue, which made it a very bad season for J-Roll.

Questions have arisen about Rollins’ off-season preparation as he gets older combined with a heavy work load.  Among all active players, Rollins, age 31, ranks 32nd in career at-bats with 6291.  Among players 31 years of age or younger, he has the 2nd most career at-bats behind only Adrian Beltre with 6874 at-bats.  So a new off-season routine may be in order.

For the most part, both players are still clutch performers as indicated by the 2010 situational stats below:







Bases Empty



Bases Empty



Runners On



Runners On









RISP w/2 Outs



RISP w/2 Outs



Bases Loaded



Bases Loaded




As an example of a polar opposite, right fielder Jayson Werth hit only .186 with runners in scoring position; Utley and Rollins hit .333 and .329 respectively.

It was not a great year for either middle infielder.  It does seem that the work load, which has included 4 straight seasons of extra work due to post-season play, is taking a toll.  And as they get older, it will only get more complicated to find a way to endure a 162+ game season.

But after getting slapped around in the NLCS and knowing the strong work ethic of Utley and Rollins’ drive to succeed, I predict both players will make the adjustments and come out swinging in 2011.


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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Bloomberg Sports Presentation Re-Cap

I hope everyone enjoyed my live blog yesterday from Bloomberg Headquarters in New York City.  I would like to thank the staff at Bloomberg for their hospitality and for getting the world of blog media involved in their project.  The presentation was phenomenal and I look forward to working with the new tools they have provided and sharing it with everyone.


Each person in attendance was given a one-year subscription to the new Draft Kit and In-Season tools which will officially roll out on 2/18/10.  You can pre-order the programs now on MLB.com; the Draft Kit is $19.95, the In-Season kit is $24.95 or the package with both is $31.95.  Both include the News Kit as well which will integrate news feeds from all over the internet, including my blog here at Phillies Phollowers and many, many others to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.


Bloomberg has been a monster in the financial services industry since 1981.  Branching out into the sports world, they hope to bring the same innovation and analysis tools they use for finances to baseball.   Here are some of the major advantages you will get with the consumer product:


The application runs straight from the internet; there is no software to download and it will not slow down your computer performance.  The statistics and data you are able to view are in real-time.  This means if a batter hits a home run, that data is available right away and loaded into that players file.


For Fantasy Sports players, there are major advantages to using this program.  You are not limited to the stats and comparisons previously available to you for drafting teams and making in-season changes.  The program is totally customizable and will work in conjunction with ANY fantasy baseball platform you are currently using.  You can control ALL options like points, roster spots and anything else specific to your league or fantasy platform.  The program will show you player information based on your specifications and needs, making it easier to draft players or make adjustments.


There are both “watch” lists and “exclude” lists you can add players or even entire teams to.  If last year, your fantasy team was held back due to a lack of home runs, steals or whatever, you can sort players to choose from based on criteria you select.  These searches can be saved to view later as well.  This program can even help you decide which players or positions to draft in which round based on a supply/demand calculation.


If you are not into Fantasy Baseball, you may not need the Draft Kit, but the In-Season kit is invaluable for crunching numbers for us bloggers or for the avid sports fan who wants to analyze the game on a deeper level.  Angry at your team’s manager for making what you feel is a bone-head move?  Say they put a shift on a batter facing a left-handed pitcher throwing low and inside; go into the program, pull up the batters information and plug in the information about the pitcher and anything else pertinent.  You will get a spray chart of that batter’s tendencies in that specific situation with percentages and actual numbers.  You can then make an education decision as to how that play was handled.  Were 75% or more of that batter’s hits to the side of the shift under those circumstances?  If so, maybe it was not such a bone-head move by your manager ;O)


Think about proving your friends wrong; does your friend swear that a particular player can’t hit the inside fastball?  Show him and have proof to back it up.  Imagine all the fun you can have with tools like these!  You can even track a player’s performance by month, against certain teams, against certain pitchers, etc…  Basically anything you can think of is available with just a few clicks of the mouse.  And you do not have to open 5 or 6 internet windows to do it; it is all right there in one spot with color and shape coded graphics, charts, bar graphs and a variety of other views.


Have you ever gone to the stats page of MLB.com and been frustrated that you cannot run the comparison you want or have to do the math by hand or maybe the stats are totally not available at all?  Those days are gone.  This program does it all!  My only real concern with the consumer product is that the average computer user may find navigating the system difficult.  There are SO many options, it might be overwhelming.  The people at Bloomberg share my concern and are working hard to develop solid help files, video demonstrations and other educational tools to help make it easier to use for everyone.


I had a similar concern with the Professional product which all MLB teams will be receiving a free 6-month trial of this season.  Will all of these old-school managers and coaches take the time to learn how to use this to their advantage?  At the Winter Meetings, most of the feedback from the teams was very positive, as it should be.  This tool can provide teams with, literally, a statistical advantage over their opponents.


Teams already scout their opponents, but the level of detail this system provides is beyond your everyday scouting report.  The spray charts on batters can be put through as many filters as they want; for example, if you want to know how a batter will perform against a right-handed pitcher, during the day in June with an outside curveball thrown, this will tell you.  It can be that specific.  It can even be specific to the exact pitcher.  Can Manny Ramirez hit a Cole Hamels low, inside fastball?  And what percentage of the time will he strike out or ground out on that pitch?  This will give teams that information, which can be printed out and used during the game to advise the pitcher what to throw or tell fielders where to stand.


Add to all this space-age technology the Biometric security which features fingerprint access to the Pro-system and my mind is officially blown.  Some people at the meeting mentioned that they were so excited about the pro-system, they might be willing to sell body parts to have access to it.  While I do not recommend this course of action, I can see where the avid baseball fan would be tempted towards drastic measures.


So my suggestion is, give the consumer product a try.  I will begin using it as soon as it rolls out and give you additional feedback at that point.  I also hope to have some screen shots available soon to give you an idea of what it will look like.  The staff at Bloomberg says improvements and additions to the system will be on-going; any and all feedback will be considered.  As I have more information, I will be sure to pass it on!

Live Blog: NYC Bloomberg Sports Event

11:30pm – I have arrived in New York City at Bloomberg headquarters for a MLB presentation about a new stat tracking software in development.  The event is scheduled to begin around 12pm and will go until almost 5pm with lunch somewhere in between.  Once it begins and I have an idea of the schedule, I will let you know.  I hope to do a live blog at intervals throughout the event to let everyone know what all the hype is about.  Stay tuned!

Here is a quick preview of some literature they gave us.  The photos are a bit shiny…it is very bright in here!:  DSCF5971.JPG



12:00pm – I am in a room filled with Testosterone…lol  Wait, I justed spoted one other women; she is sitting at my table now in an effort to combat all the male hormones flying about.  Wish us luck!  Awaiting opening remarks…

12:05pm – Count now, 3 women and approximately 97 men.  Currently sitting next to two Mets bloggers who have agreed to a truce for the next 5 hours.  After that, all bets are off ;o)

2:18pm – Opening remarks included bathroom locations, parking validation and Twitter info – ya know, the important stuff :O)

12:25pm – This project is an exclusive partnership with MLB Advanced Media to analyze baseball stats for their fantasy leagues.  We have been invited today to give feedback on the product and give suggestions to improve this new tool.

12:28pm – Bloomberg is dedicated to achieving in Sports what they have in the financial world; Providing valuable, complelling analysis tools with improvement on going.

12:33pm – There will be 2 products; the consumer product is geared towards Fantasy Baseball.  The Pro product is for MLB Team to use to analyze players.  Consumer roll-out is 2/18/10, when pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

12:42pm – Consumer product presentation: Will have a Draft Kit, News Product and In-Season Tool Kit.  These work in conjunction with any Fantasy Sport league like CBS, Fox or ESPN.  You can adjust roster spots, points, etc…  If there are particular areas you wish to focus on when picking players, the tool will sort players by whatever you specify.  Ex:  Sort by infielders high in home runs and steals.  You can save searches / lists for later.

12:47pm – You can set up “watch” lists and “exclude” lists.  For example, you hate the Red Sox…you can exclude all of their players from your draft, or just one or two players.  You decide.  It is like a filing cabinet for players; you pick the drawers and file them accordingly.

12:51pm – There are different screen views for different tastes; you can see a “baseball card” type view, a grid loaded with stats…all without switching pages.  You can also chart stats in graph form to see specific stats over a period of time.

12:55pm – Charts are available to track which positions are in higher demand during each round of the draft.  This will help you decided whether to draft a certain position or player earlier or later in the round and the odds of that person being available.

12:28pm – The In-Season tool helps you see trends for each player, how they perform against certain teams, certain pitchers, during certain months, etc…  Nice :O)

1:01pm – You can chart multiple players against each other based on avergage, homers, doubles, etc…  Color coding shows where players fall against the rest of the league (top 10%, etc…).  You can set your own benchamarks too; Ex: choose MLB catchers with at least 50 AB’s and minimum of 12 against left handers and compare them.  You decide what you want to know…LOVE this feature!

1:09pm – Prices:  Draft kit: $19.95, In-Season kit: $24.95, Combo package: $31.95.  Pre-order on MLB.com, will be ready to go 2/18.

1:10pm – Lunch break…be back shortly!

2:00pm – Ok, to recap so far…this software gives you stats in REAL time.  That alone is mind-blowing compared to what MLB.com provides currently.  And you do not need to open 5 internet windows to find things and then pray you can reconcile all that data.  Plus, you can customize searchs to find the stat comparisons YOU want.  Loving it…

2:10pm – Tools will include news / blog feeds that use the program and stats to apply real-time information to current baseball events.  For example, trades will be discussed in reference to how that player will impact his new team, the league, how he will perform in certain parks, etc…

2:17pm – News sources, including blogs like this one, will be integrated into the application for users looking for the most current news information.

2:19pm – There is no mobile application right now, but Bloomberg is in discussions with MLB about adding this.

2:28pm – Q&A on the consumer product is over.  Looks like we will get a look at the Pro version shortly.

2:40pm – Pro version uses Biometric security log-in using fingerprints!  Move over CIA…

2:42pm – Bloomberg has added a scouting application for teams to use; they can create a file for each player and report directly into the program.  Teams will be able to customize this to meet their specific needs.

2:45pm – Teams can analyze individual players on a number of levels.  For example, what percentage of the time will a low, inside pitch get a batter out?  This will tell you. Teams can print out these stats before the game and be able to advise the pitcher what to throw to that batter. It will also tell them where to put on shifts, where to place fielders, etc…

2:54pm – They are working with MLB on linking data to video feed as well; teams can highlight pitches on a spray chart they want to see video of and it will cue it up automatically.

3:00pm – There is SO much data available on this thing…I think my head may explode!  Wow…to imagine it, think of the most complicated, picky small details you would want to know about and then imagine it is possible to see the result in seconds.  It IS possible with this software; amazing!

3:02pm – Ok, so it may not be possible to conjure up a stat on how many days a player will wait to wash his lucky socks….but, it comes pretty close to that ;o)

3:08pm – Desert break; they are bribing us with Brownies ;o)

3:25pm – Still munching…but the wrap-up is upon us.  A few more details are coming…

3:32pm – Salary information may be rolled into the Pro version later.

3:35pm – The product is available only for baseball right now but may roll out for other sports in the future.  Signing off for now…will be back later with more info and commentary on the day’s events.  Thank you everyone for stopping by to join me today!