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There’s A Hole In The Spectrum

Spectrum hole.jpgThere’s a hole in the Spectrum!  How did that happen?  Did no one notice the giant red ball flying towards it this afternoon?  It is a historical Philadelphia landmark!  And why were all those people just standing around watching the destruction?  Oh my!

Wait a second…you say they are tearing it down?  It is a scheduled demolition?  Soooooooo…they did this on purpose?  Oh sorry…my bad.

Just kidding ;o)  It was a surreal moment today, watching the Spectrum meet its demise.  Although apparently, we can relive that moment everyday for the next 4-6 months, which is the time it is going to take to tear it down with this tiny red ball.  Could they not find a larger ball or more efficient means of destruction?  Just sayin’…

When the long, drawn out extraction is complete, a brand new entertainment complex called “PhillyLive!” will take the Spectrum’s place, hopefully, in 2012.  This will give Philly sports fans a place to wander, eat and party before and after games.  Of course the city of St. Louis promised their fans the same type of structure and 4 years later, not a single brick has been laid.  Cross your fingers, Philly…

Chairman of Comcast Spectacor Ed Snider spoke before the demolition today.  He spoke about his mixed emotions about tearing down the Spectrum and then referred to its official replacement next door as the “Wells Fargo or whatever it’s called building.”  The Wells Fargo center has gone though a number of name changes over the years including CoreStates Center, First Union Center (affectionately known as the FU center) and Wachovia Center.

With the Snider name comment and seeing the gaping hole in the side of the Spectrum, my brain began translating the data into an old children’s song.  In my mind, “There’s a Hole In The Bucket” suddenly became “There’s a Hole In The Spectrum.” Not familiar with the song?  Take a look:

Now that you remember the song, sing along with my newly fabricated lyrics:


There’s a hole in the Spectrum, dear Flyers, dear Sixers,

There’s a hole in the Spectrum, dear Philly,

There’s a hole.


Then trash it Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider,

Then trash it dear Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider, trash it.


But where will you play now, dear Flyers, dear Sixers,

But there will you play now, dear Philly, play where?


In the FU, I mean Wachovia, I mean WtF Center, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider,

WTF is it’s name now, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider, it’s name?


We cannot remember, dear Flyers, dear Sixers,

The name keeps on changing, dear Philly, keeps changing.


Then make up your mind, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider

Make a freaking decision, Mr. Snider, decide!


It’s the Wells Fargo Center, dear Flyers, dear Sixers,

It’s the Wells Fargo Center, dear Philly, at least it is for now…


We will still miss the Spectrum, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider, Mr. Snider,

We will still miss the Spectrum, Mr. Snider, miss it.


There’s a hole in the Spectrum, dear Flyers, dear Sixers,

There’s a hole in the Spectrum, dear Philly,

Say goodbye.


I do hope everyone enjoyed my rendition :O)   And while we are on the subject, what is your favorite memory of the Spectrum?  Mine was seeing Pearl Jam close the lace down officially last October.  Had they rocked any harder, the little red ball may not have been needed at all!

DSCF4820a.jpgShare your Spectrum memoriesin the comments below!


Pearl Jam photo by Jenn Zambri Photography; Spectrum photo by Philly.com

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Lidge Makes Us All Nervous, But Gets The Save

First let’s talk about the starter: Brett Myers gave the Phillies another quality start tonight with 6 innings, giving up 2 earned runs on 4 hits and not walking any batters. He also struck out three and really only had trouble with one batter – Ryan Ludwick. Take him out of the line-up and the Cards don’t score off of Myers at all. I think it is now safe to say that Myers has re-discovered his Mojo :o) And not a moment too soon…

Our sleepy offense was in need of a power pitching performance to pick them up! Prior to the 8th inning, the Phillies were in a full-out slumber and the only scoring was a Chase Utley solo homer in the 6th. Thanks to a 3-run home run by Shane Victorino
P7132656.JPGin the 8th inning, the offense pushed ahead of the Cards. And although a sloppy performance by JC Romero threatened to destroy the Phillies slim lead, Ryan Madson came on and bailed him out, getting a double play ground ball to end the bottom of the 8th inning.

Then, with a 5-3 score, Brad Lidge was sent to the mound for his 28th consecutive save attempt and he promptly gave up a home run to Troy Glaus, making it a 5-4 game with no outs in the 9th. It was only the second home run allowed by Lidge all year. And things just went downhill from there. Back to back singles, then Lidge actually hits Cesar Izturis with a pitch; His first hit batter of the year. The next batter strikes out; now there are 2 outs, bases loaded. Joe Mather is the next batter and finally, strikes out to end the game and end the torture for Phillies fans everywhere. Seriously, if I were ever going to toss my cookies during a game, this was it. The good news is, Lidge did show that he has the mental toughness to continue to pitch out of trouble even when it looks as if he has totally blown it. :o)

This was a HUGE win for Phillies tonight as both the Mets and Marlins lost today. Also, the Mets have lost 4 in a row and I believe 5 of their last 6. Billy Wagner blew save #7 yesterday and that always warms my heart :o) In other words, momentum has swung in our favor…not to mention a 3 game lead in the standings. Day off tomorrow then we are back home against the Fish! Until then…Go Phillies!

Phillies Squeak Out A Win In St. Louis

Brad Lidge got his 27th save tonight as the Phillies snuck away with a 2-1 win over the Cardinals.  I was happy at first to see we were facing Braden Looper as his name provides me with endless entertainment and ways to annoy my friends… “Oh look, it’s a looper into right field off of Looper! ” …”Hey, a blooper from Looper’s fast ball off the end of the bat for a single…”  You get the idea.  But sadly, the Phillies rained on my silliness parade tonight.  Party poopers L  Looper gave up only 3 hits and 2 of those were home runs by Greg Dobbs and Ryan Howard…hardly loopers or bloopers J  Well, at least those 2 runs were enough to win the game.

Blanton cr.jpgJoe Blanton finally got a full start for the Phillies, being rained out after only 2 innings in his last start, and he put forth a quality effort.  Blanton went 7 innings and gave up only 1 earned run (a solo home run) on 4 hits and 2 walks while striking out 5.  And sorry, I have no fun rhymes to go with his name.  But I am open to suggestions
J  Anyway, his demeanor was much better than the last 2 times we saw him as he looked calm and collected.  I am guessing the new team jitters have finally gone.  Good news for Phillies fans.  Let’s hope to see more starts like this one from Mr. Blanton.

One more game to go with the Cards.  Perhaps the bats will wake tomorrow?  I think they have rested long enough now…2 games off is sufficient; it is now time to play and win this series!  Go Phillies!

Howard’s Happy Homecoming

Ryan Howard loves playing in his hometown of St Louis!  And it was never more evident than last night as he went 3 for 5 with 5 RBI, 4 runs scored and 2 home runs in the Phillies massive 20-2 win over the Cards.  After the game, Howard said, “Playing before family and friends is relaxing to me.”  Well, if that is the case, then perhaps the Phillies staff ought to look into flying his family and friends out to Philadelphia to attend more games??  I mean, whatever works for this guy, let’s get it done!  In one game, he raised his batting average from .204 to .212 and added 2 homers….now there’s a reason to smile!

P2283235 howard cr.jpg 

The run barrage started right from the first inning with Utley, Howard and Burrell going back to back to back with homers.  This feat has only been accomplished 7 times in Phillies history (including this one) and this is the third time Pat Burrell has been in the mix.  It was all downhill from there for the Cardinals as the Phillies kept pilling it on, especially in the 4th inning, where even the pitcher, Kyle Kendrick had 2 hits in the inning, one of which was a double.  They batted around plus 6 in that inning and scored 9 runs.  The only regular player left without a hit for the night was Jimmy Rollins, although he did get walked 3 times.


Aside from all the run scoring excitement, the only other real drama was when Cards pitcher Russ Springer hit Howard with a pitch in the 8th inning and was ejected from the game for throwing at him intentionally.  Manager Tony LaRussa was ejected next for arguing, but it sure looked intentional.  Ryan stands so far off the plate, it is pretty hard to hit him.  Not to mention, everyone knows you pitch him low and outside if you want to strike him out.  After that, the Cards had run through so many pitchers, in an act of total desperation, they threw their second baseman on the mound in the 9th inning!  Aaron Miles pitched a one, two, three shut-out inning to close out the top of the inning.  It wasn’t pretty, but he mopped up well.


Well, 2 more games in St. Louis.  Let’s hope Howard’s mommy made him the same waffles for breakfast and injected them with whatever that home run power juice was again.  Go Phillies!