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It’s Snow Fun Waiting For Spring To Arrive

The worst winter in the history of the Philadelphia area is upon us here in the North East.  After getting over 2 feet of snow over the weekend, major blizzard #2 of the month is bearing down upon us right now.  Another foot or more is expected and a State of Emergency in Delaware is in effect.  I took a few photos earlier in my backyard:snow.jpg

All that and it is still coming down.  The good news is, schools have been closed all week so I have not had to go to work :O)  The bad news is, we may never leave the house again if this keeps up.  In my boredom, I decided to invite a few of the Phillies over to my house for some snow fun before they take off for Spring Training.  Raul Ibanez went sledding and JA Happ tossed snowballs:

raul ja snow.jpg
Chase Utley
was into the sledding idea while Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino had a snowball fight:

chase cole shane snow cr.jpg
Hard to believe in all this snow that Spring is around the corner.  But still, truck day is tomorrow where the baseball supplies get sent down to Clearwater.  Well, that is if the snow does not stop them.  And on February 18th, pitchers and catchers will report; unless of course they prefer to keep playing in the snow here with me :O)

Spring Training starts in 8 days!!

Photos by Jenn


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