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Motivational Toys

Before the Phillies first official full squad workout on Tuesday, Charlie Manuel gave his players a rousing, motivational speech.  No doubt it was filled with wisdom, encouragement and a whole bunch of “Arr’ight.”  Everything is alright these days with the club coming off a World Championship season and
Thumbnail image for baseballduck-2.jpgno one knows it better than Manuel.  What he forgot though were the inspirational Rubber Ducky of the 2008 playoffs; you know, the ones he stuffed into every player’s locker to remind them to relax.  Each duck had a theme, based on the reputation or personality of the player.  Shane Victorino’s had a Hawaiian flowers, Ryan Howard’s had some serious bling, etc… 

Oh sure, each player did get a Rolex watch a few days ago from Brad Lidge with their name engraved in it; but does this compare to the adorable ducky’s?  I think not.  And yes, the players have all been sized for their World Series rings which will be presented to them before the game on April 8th.  And Cole Hamels is still waiting on his World Series MVP 2010 Chevy Camaro, which may arrive sometime this century.  Apparently, Chevy says it will take 8 months to drive it out of the stadium…  :O) 
Thumbnail image for cutebabyduck-2.jpg
Yet, while all this has been great fun, we still miss the ducks.  Besides, many players this year missed out on the ducky fun last year.  How about a baby ducky for the rookies? 

And this one is ideal for veteran Raul Ibanez who just joined the team:

Thumbnail image for Ibanez duck.jpg










And then some fun for the entire Clubhouse…the Jose Reyes Duck:


Thumbnail image for Reyes duck.jpgAre you feeling motivated yet?  I know I am. :O)