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Blanton Knocks Out Marlins

Blanton Rocky.jpg

Joe Blanton had a great turn around to his season tonight as he shut out the Marlins through 7 innings of 5 hit ball.  Blanton did his best Rocky impersonation and punched out 11 Fish; the 11 strikeouts mark a career high for Blanton in one game.  After the game, Blanton was quoted as saying, “Yo Adrian!  I did it!”   Ok, not really… ;O)

Ryan Madson pitched the 8th and did his usual; no hits, no runs.  Chad Durbin, on the other hand, came in for the 9th with a 5-0 lead and began to unravel.  After the 1st out, Durbin gave up a walk, a hit and another walk.  Scott Eyre was called in to clean up the mess but Ryan Howard committed his first error of the season on a ground ball that he threw into left field instead of to Jimmy Rollins; 2 runs scored.  Yikes!   

Brad Lidge then got the call to save the game and we all took a deep breath and swallowed a bottle of Tums.  Lidge walked the first batter he faced to re-load the bases.  Feeling ill, I quickly laid my head down on a pillow and prayed for mercy.  The next batter grounded out, but another run scored.  2 outs and the score was then 5-3.  Dizzy…SO dizzy…please make the room stop spinning!  Could Lidge finally get out of an inning without blowing a save and making me lose my dinner?  YES!  He struck out former teammate Wes Helms and relief washed over me like rainbows and sunshine :O)  Ahhhhhh!

Relief also found Shane Victorino today, who made amends for his base running gaffe in the 9th last night, where he was picked off trying to steal with Matt Stairs poised to try to tie the game up.  Tonight, Victorino went 4 for 5 with an RBI and all is right with the world again. 

Feliz delahoya.jpg
Pedro Feliz
continues to rack up the hits with runners in scoring position, adding 2 more hits and 2 RBI to his totals.  If Blanton was Rocky Balboa tonight, Feliz was Oscar De La Hoya.  Nice.

The Florida series is now ties 1 game apiece; game 3 will kick off tomorrow at 7:05pm with Brett Myers pitching.

In All-Star voting news, Chase Utley is in the lead for 2nd basemen in the NL again; Howard and Rollins are in 3rd place at their positions.  Raul Ibanez, who is VERY deserving, is in 6th place among outfielders – only the top 3 outfielders get to start the game so keep VOTING !!!  You can VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

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