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Phillies 2009 Year In Review

2009 was an outstanding season for the Philadelphia Phillies in many ways.  Not only did they return to the World Series for the second consecutive year, but when you look at everything they had to endure to do so, the feat becomes that much more impressive.  Here is a look at the obstacles the team overcame in 2009 and also some of the season highlights:


Obstacles Overcome


  • The loss of our beloved Harry Kalas

    Thumbnail image for Kalas.jpgThe 2008 World Series hangover
  • Injuries to every member of the bullpen
  • Losing the #2 starter (Brett Myers) at the beginning of the year
  • Watching the #1 starter, Cole Hamels, go through weird injuries, bad luck and a very bad season

  • Hamels Myers.jpgJC Romero’s
    unwarranted 50-game suspension
  • Lack of production from the bench players
  • The June Swoon (11-15 record)
  • The struggles and eventual season ending injury of Jamie Moyer
  • The injury to Raul Ibanez right before the All-Star break; Ibanez went from super hot to totally not afterwards.
  • Offensive slumps throughout the year
  • A down year and very slow start from the offensive engine, Jimmy Rollins
  • Brad Lidge going from first to worst among closers





  • The Ring Ceremony

  • P4088732.JPGThe White House visit

  • n23409805_46913024_2198875.jpgEric Bruntlett’s
    game-ending, unassisted triple play
  • Cliff Lee – a gift from Heaven (and Ruben Amaro Jr.)


    Thumbnail image for Lee in heaven3.jpgJayson Werth
    becomes a solid, productive everyday player
  • Pedro Feliz had off-season back surgery, recovered well and became a real contributor offensively
  • JA Happ emerged as rookie sensation with 12 wins and the lowest team ERA among starters (2.93)
  • Jamie Moyer wins career game #250
  • The Phillies visit with J-Roll Smurf (more of a personal highlight, but a highlight nonetheless)

  • smurfs phillies.jpgChase Utley
    – enough said
  • Ryan Howard becomes the fastest player ever to reach 200 career home runs
  • Ryan Howard knocks the most grand slams in Phillies history

  • Howard Utley.jpgA 3-game sweep of the Mets in July
  • The 10 game winning streak, July 8-21
  • The two Old Goats, Jamie Moyer & Pedro Martinez, combine to win 2 games in August that were split up by rain delays

  • 2 goats.jpg5 Phillies players, plus all coaches, go to the All-Star game
  • Jayson Werth steals home against Dodgers
  • Franchise record set for attendance and sellout games; 3,600,693 fans and 73 sellouts in 81 home games, finishing 3rd in baseball for total and average attendance
  • Return to World Series


Congratulations to the 2009 National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies! 


In other news:


  • The 2009 coaching staff have all been invited to return next year. 
  • Cliff Lee’s 8 million dollar club option was picked up (no surprise here) for 2010.
  • Raul Ibanez, Scott Eyre and Brad Lidge will all be seen by team doctors this weekend to determine if surgeries will be needed.  Eyre has loose bodies in his elbow and Lidge may have the same.  Ibanez has a tear in his abdomen and a hip issue.
  • No word yet on Pedro Feliz’s club option, but it will be decided by Monday.
  • Photos by Jenn, except White House


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The Phillies Are Going To the World Series!!!

P2241118 flowers cr.jpg

For the first time since 1993, the Philadelphia Phillies will go to the World Series!  With a 5-1 win over the LA Dodgers, the Phillies ARE the 2008 National League Champions!  I think this photo best expresses how I feel right now…like skipping joyously through a field of flowers! J  Whoo Hoo!  The best part of the post-game celebration was watching Charlie Manuel run out onto the field, grab hold of his players one by one, and give them a great big bear hug!  These guys have worked hard to get here and they certainly earned it.

Tonight’s win was a true team effort; that, I believe, is the difference between the Phillies and the Dodgers.  The Phils have a complete team, with hitting threats up and down the line-up; the Dodgers have Manny and a few other guys who may get some hits.  They are unbalanced.  Every starting position player on the Phillies tonight, except Ruiz, was on base at least once and the 3 RBI’s came from 3 different players.  And when one guy is not hitting, someone else will step in to pick him up.  That’s a team – that’s the Phillies.

Jimmy Rollins set the tone once again tonight, hitting a lead-off home run.  It sent a signal to the whole team that tonight was their night.  And so it was…  For the Dodgers, it was a case of Murphy’s Law as everything that could have gone wrong, did.  Rafael Furcal committed THREE errors in the fifth inning, leading to 2 unearned runs for the Phillies who took a 5-0 lead at that point.  Shane Victorino felt so bad for the guy, he actually told Furcal in the middle of the inning to keep his chin up!  You’ve got to love Shane…this guy has a huge heart.  How many players do you know that would try to encourage the opposition in the middle of game, let alone a game that could send them to the World Series?  Shane has my vote for MVP of this playoff run.

Cole Hamels held up his end of the bargain, pitching 7 innings of one-run baseball.  He allowed 5 hits and 3 walks, 2 of which came with 2 outs in the 7th before he struck out Jeff Kent to get out of the jam.  Hamels looked calm and in control the whole game, even smiling when Charlie Manuel went out o the mound after the 2 walks in the 7th to ask him how he felt.  Manuel left him in the game, and you know the rest.  Cole also held Manny Ramirez to just one hit, a solo homer in the 6th inning.  Ryan Madson pitched the 8th and Brad Lidge the 9th, closing out the game.  All 3 pitchers were outstanding.

Who the Phillies will face in the World Series is yet to be decided.  The Tampa Bay Rays have a 3-1 series lead over the Boston Red Sox right now and they will play Game 5 tomorrow night.  We will all be watching with great interest.  But for now, pour me a drink!  It is time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!  WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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