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Dykstra Dives Into The Deep End With Sheen

Most people who have encountered former Phillie Lenny Dykstra are aware that he is not in full possession of all his marbles.  Clearly, the elevator does not go to the top floor.

But Dykstra gave new meaning to the word “insane” when he did an interview with NBC reporter John Clark earlier this month.

During the interview, Dykstra talks about the possibility of him being assassinated by a bank, tells his critics “suck my d*ck” and even compares himself to Ghandi.  You cannot make this stuff up:



It gets worse when he starts talking about Charlie Sheen.  Dykstra calls Sheen “focused.”  He also blames Sheen’s condition on “medication” and says most of it is a “joke.”



But my favorite Dykstra moment comes when he blasts Mitch Williams, whom he says he hates.  Why?  Because, according to Dykstra, “He lost the World Series,” and put Dykstra through “torture” as a result.  So, the rest of the team had nothing to do with losing the World Series?



Williams is a stand-up guy who admits his own mistakes.  Dykstra is a delusional moron who does not deserve to even breathe the same air.

Dykstra is an embarrassment to the Phillies organization.  Shameful.


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