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Phillies Lose Another One / Marzano Dies Way Too Soon

Well, let’s just get the Phillies icky loss out of the way here.  Can we just play Chase Utley & Greg Dobbs?  Like Iron Man baseball?  It certainly would be aesthetically more pleasing to watch :o)  Ok, maybe toss in Chris Coste for a few at bats too…  Then, according to last night’s stats, we’d be batting a .571!  I’ll take it!  Everyone else combined, MINUS the pitchers (yes, I excluded their stats to be fair) batted a .120 last night.  Although Eric Bruntlett did have a very entertaining 8 plus minute at bat for a walk…  But geez, what is up with this team already?  Yuck!  Let’s hope they can at least salvage one game of the series tonight.  I’ll be sitting behind home plate with my fingers crossed and trying not to pull my hair out!

Sad, sad news yesterday.  John Marzano passed away at the very young age of 45, possibly from a heart attack.  Not much has been revealed yet.  John was a native of Philadelphia, ex-major leaguer, a great broadcaster, fellow Italian, and a really friendly, energetic guy.  My heart goes out to his family and friends as he leaves behind a wife, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  How awful for all of them.  Very sad and shocking is all I can say.  I remember seeing John on the field last year after the 9/30/07 NL East win jumping up and down, celebrating with the Phanatic, waving to the fans…he was as excited as a child on Christmas morning getting his favorite toy.  Maybe more so.  You could tell that, as a Philly boy, that was something he had waited a very long time to see and to be a part of.  He had spoken many times before about how in his career, he wished he had gotten a chance to play for the Phillies.  So you know that had to be a special moment for him and I am so glad that he was there.  I actually had that thought as I watched him celebrate on the field that day and decided I should take a few pictures of him.  And in his memory, here is a photo collage I put together of some of the photos I took that day:
Marzano cr.jpg