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Victorino Snags Gold

The 2010 Golden Glove awards have been handed out and the lone Phillie on the list was centerfielder Shane Victorino.  In 143 games, Victorino committed only 2 errors and had 11 assists in the outfield.  Catching gold has become a habit for Victorino; this is his third consecutive Gold Glove award.

Victorino catching gold.jpg

As for the rest of the Phillies, the one player who definitely got snubbed is third baseman, Placido Polanco.  Polly had only 5 errors, turned 32 double plays and had 258 assists in 123 games this year.  The player who actually won the award is ex-Phillie Scott Rolen whose stats are also good, but not nearly as good as Polanco.  Rolen played 123 games, committed 8 errors, turned 28 double plays and had 259 assists.  While it is not a huge edge, Polanco’s numbers are better.

Rolen is a great player and this is his 8th Gold Glove award.  But having played the same number of games as Polly, he was not as good.  The remember also that last year, Polanco was a 2nd baseman and had to make the transition to 3rd.  Add to that the elbow injury Polanco endured nearly all year long after getting hit with a pitch and his effort is much more impressive.

In other news, pitcher Jamie Moyer went to play winter ball in the Dominican league after the season ended to try and revive his career.  He suffered an elbow injury after a start and has returned home.  Moyer had an MRI on Tuesday and is awaiting the results.  Moyer thanked fans on his Facebook page saying, “Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and support during this time. I went for an MRI yesterday and will keep you updated on what the outcome is once I hear anything. Have a great week and thanks again!”

We wish Moyer the best and hope he is well soon!

Another thank you goes out today to all veterans who served our country and continue to inspire us all with their bravery and sacrifice.  Happy Veterans Day!


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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Phillies Win Series In Atlanta

Two old dudes battled it out tonight in Atlanta; the Braves Derek Lowe, 36, and the Phillies Jamie Moyer, 47.  When I say I old, I am talking in baseball terms, of course.  Jamie Moyer2.jpgThe elder Moyer out-dueled Lowe allowing just 4 hits and no earned runs in 6 innings.  Lowe fell victim to the powerful Phillies offense which ran him out of the game after only 5 innings and racked up 5 runs.

Moyer continues to amaze and defy the laws of time with every victory.  And tonight, he did something I had never seen before; in the 2nd inning, he hit the Braves rookie Jason Heyward with a pitch.  That was not the fun part though.  As the ball left Moyer’s hand, you could hear him yell to Heyward, “Look out!” as the pitch ran too far inside.  Moyer is a true gentleman.  Of course, the ball was only travelling about 74 mph so I think Heyward will be okay ;o)

The defense behind Moyer was pretty good, although Chase Utley did have one adventurous inning.  Right after announcer Tom McCarthy commented on how much Utley has improved and that he has a shot at a Gold Glove one day, Utley’s ears must have been burning because he committed two errors in the 5th inning. 

While trying to turn a double play, Utley bobbled the feed from Juan Castro, dropped the ball twice and a run scored.  The very next play, he tried another double play but threw the ball wide to 1st, which flew past Ryan Howard and allowed another run to score.  So it is official; no one is allowed to talk about Gold Gloves in relation to Utley for the rest of the year.  Clearly, it was a jinx.

Utley’s offense has not been affected by a jinx though, as he has now reached base safely in every game so far this year.  He had one hit and 2 walks tonight.  Greg Dobbs did a great job filling in for Placido Polanco; he went 2 for 3.  Castro went 3 for 5 and had 1 RBI, making it 5 for 8 from the back-up starters.

Actually, the only other jinx I can see for this team is the bullpen, which has been fairly awful.  Roy Halladay avoided that jinx yesterday by pitching all 9 innings himself.  Moyer only went 6, which is about average from him so sadly, the pen had to be counted on.  Chad Durbin worked his way into a bases loaded jam with 1 out in the 7th and then ran a 3-0 count to the next batter.  Fans everywhere had to be saying, “Oh crap…here we go again…”

Durbin got a sac fly out of that one and thanks to the Braves generosity in swinging at balls, he escaped the inning having allowed just the one run.  But there was no one exhaling just yet.  The Phillies had an 8-3 lead, but still 2 more innings of scary bullpen work to get through.

This bullpen could totally blow a 5-run lead….I have seen it happen.  But tonight, Danys Baez rebounded from his last disastrous outing and got through the 8th inning with no damage.  In the 9th, rookie David Herndon pitched and things got hairy with a few base runners.  But Herdon worked through it and the Phillies won, 8-3.

JC & Happ.jpg
There was a bit of bad news today before the game began; pitcher JA Happ has been placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April 16th.  The left forearm strain that was revealed after an MRI is apparently a bigger issue than the Phillies first anticipated.  Nelson Figueroa will take Happ’s place in the starting rotation for now and his spot in the bullpen will be taken over by JC Romero, who was removed from the DL today.  Welcome back, JC!  We missed you!

So it is a bit of good news with a bit of bad news.  As for 3rd baseman, Placido Polanco, he was left out of the line-up tonight after being hit by a pitch in the elbow yesterday.  Polanco told the media today that he should be ready to play again tomorrow night.  Assuming this is the case, that is very good news.  Losing another starter right now could be a small disaster.

And yes, it is already that time again…All Star Voting.  Why they start this so early in the season always puzzles me, but nonetheless, VOTING began yesterday.  Let’s get a head start; VOTE for your Phillies today!

homer earth day.jpg
And Happy Earth Day everyone!  Remember to recycle and conserve energy…for Phillies fans, that might mean drinking a beer from a recycled can and lazing on the couch to conserve energy.  But hey, every little bit helps. :O)


Player photos by Jenn Zambri Photography


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Silver & Gold

Is anyone else as bored as I am this off-season?  It has been 9 whole days without baseball; the more than 1 week layoff has me going a tad stir-crazy.  Want to see how bored I am?  Read on…

What’s In A Name

Shakespeare said that a rose, if by any other name, would still smell as sweet.  But what if we called it a carnation instead?  Or how about a dandelion?  It still smells good, but doesn’t “rose” just sound better? 

The question I pose then is does the Silver Slugger award seem to denote, if only in name alone, that it is a runner-up to the Gold Glove award?  P5039288 CUtley.jpgJimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino both took home a Gold Glove this year and now, Chase Utley has been awarded his 4th consecutive Silver Slugger.  All these awards are obviously well deserved, but should the “Sluggers” feel slighted that their awards are only silver and not gold?

Ok, so both of the words “Silver Slugger” start with “S” and “Gold Glove” with “G”…I get that.  Very cute in a Sesame Street kind of way.  But why can’t we just call it the “Great Big Bat” award?  I do not know any man on the planet that would not be thrilled with both the name and the connotation ;o)  And since it is all about size here, why not a “Gigantic Glove” award in stead of “Gold”?  I mean, aren’t the words “Gold” and “Silver” kind of woosie and girly in nature?  Toss those out and give us some masculine power phrases!  Put some testosterone into it!  The legal kind, of course ;o)

I therefore dub Chase Utley the winner of the Great Big Bat Award!  There, don’t you feel better now?  Expressions of gratitude are accepted in all forms….thanks ;o)

Speaking of thanks, check out this interview with the Utley’s at home that Access Hollywood put together.  The wife, Jen Utley, tells Chase she loves him as he is getting ready to leave the house at the end of the video.  And his response?  “Thanks.”  See, I told you he needed a more masculine award name because that response if off the charts caveman-style.  Funny stuff…

A Pop Culture Moment

Totally unrelated to baseball, has everyone heard about poor little Taylor Swift?  It seems that the teenage Country singing star just cannot stay out of the firing line.  First, Kanye West crushed her little soul when he interrupted her “Best Female Video” acceptance speech at the VMA Awards and lobbied that Beyonce should have won.  West later apologized and heaps of bad jokes ensued.

Then in a more recent twist, poor Swift was dissed by Country Queen, Wynonna Judd in an interview.  Judd told USA Today that all the awards Swift received at the CMA Awards were “too much, too soon.”  But of course, Judd quickly apologized for the remarks and heaped praise upon the 19-year old.

However, the real back-breaker was when Jenn of Phillies Phollowers said on her blog, at this exact moment, “I do not like Taylor Swift’s music.  Frankly, it sucks.”  Jenn remains unapologetic to this very minute.  No word yet on the potential fall-out that is sure to ensue…stay tuned!

Photo by Jenn


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Good As Gold

P8248569 Rollins gg.jpg

If all that glitters is gold, Phillies Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino have enough bling to go around.  Both players were awarded the Rawlings Gold Glove Award in their respective positions yesterday.  For the shortstop Rollins, it is his third Gold Glove in a row; for centerfielder Victorino, this makes two in a row.  Rollins had only 6 errors all year, which was the best among all qualifying players.  Victorino had a .997 fielding percentage, 2nd best in the NL among outfielders, and 5 assists.

On the injury front, Brad Lidge had surgery yesterday to repair his right flexor tendon as well as remove loose bodies from his elbow.  It was not known before the surgery if the tendon was damaged, but it appears Lidge was worse off than anyone let on.  That fact has caused quite a stir among fans who are very disappointed about the whole situation.  Tell me again why Lidge was pitching with serious injuries, especially in the World Series?

But everyone must look forward now and it appears that Lidge will not be ready for the start of Spring Training.  As a result, the Phillies have been reportedly looking for another / back-up closer.  They need bullpen help anyway, so this is no surprise.

As for the Roy Halladay / Cole Hamels rumors, GM Ruben Amaro Jr. insists this will not happen.  Again, not much of a surprise as such a trade was a long shot at best.  In fact, the Jays demands are still very high, so it is possible that Halladay may not go anywhere.

Thank you everyone for the comments yesterday on this topic :O)  And to clarify, I have not given up on Hamels.  Odds are that he will rebound and have a better year.  However, the thought of a Cliff Lee – Roy Halladay combo, two proven veterans, is an exciting thought.  Think about it this way: The Phillies window to win another championship is closing.  We will probably have Lee only for 1 more year as he is going to command Yankees-type money, which the Phillies historically are unwilling to pay.  They may strike a deal with him, but do not hold your breath.  The core of the team is intact for a while, but the pitching overall has been shaky down the stretch.  If the Phillies can get a quality third baseman, improve the pen and add or develop a solid starter, they could be unstoppable in 2010.  In my humble opinion, they need to toss everything, including the kitchen sink, at this 2010 team.

But sadly, the Phils do not have the payroll of many other teams; the Phillies rank 7th, which is very high, but still $88,445,143 less than the Yankees, as an example.  That equals almost 4 CC Sabathia’s and nearly 8 Chase Utley’s.  I don’t know about you, but I would take 8 Chase Utley’s anyday.  And no, I am not jumping on the “buying a Championship” bandwagon which I hear a lot about the Yankees.  I believe they still have to play the game, regardless of income. And this year, the Yanks played better than anyone else.  But would an additional $88 million be a BIG boost for the Phillies or any other team…obviously, the answer is “yes.”

But that is just a dream and the Phillies will need to do the best with what they have.  Hopefully, that will include a few more quality pitchers.

Photo by Jenn


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Utley Wins Third Straight Silver Slugger

MLB announced yesterday that Chase Utley, who had the highest home run total of all second basemen in the majors this year, has been awarded his third consecutive Silver Slugger award.  Of course, this is just icing on the cake after the World Series win, but still a great honor.  Utley led all NL second basemen in hits (177), runs (113), RBIs (104), on-base percentage (.380), slugging percentage (.583) and extra-base hits (78).  His major leading home run total was 33 and he also racked up 100 RBI’s for the 4th season in a row.  And in those 4 seasons, he has accumulated more homers (112), RBI’s (404), hits (702) and runs scored (433) than any other second baseman in the majors.

P4208109 Utley.jpgUtley joins fellow teammates Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino in the post-season awards-fest.  Rollins and Victorino picked up Gold Gloves for their 2008 Championship season last week.  Ryan Howard was not chosen for a Silver Slugger this year, coming in second to Albert Pujols of the Cardinals.  This may be a trend; the NL MVP award will be announced on Monday and many expect that Howard will lose out to Pujols again.  If Howard were to win, it would be the third time in a row that the Phillies took home the award, with Howard winning it twice and Rollins once.  Wishful thinking, but we will find out on Monday!

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