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Hamels Disappears Along With The Bats

Prince Fielder of the Brewers played magician today and made Cole Hamels disappear; Fielder nailed him with a line-drive in his pitching arm, just below the shoulder in the 4th inning.  Hamels left the game having given up 2 runs on a Ryan Braun homer, but he also struck out 6 batters and was really on his game for the first time this year.  No word yet on how this injury will affect him.

JA Happ came in for Hamels to get the Phillies out of the inning, but then allowed 3 runs in the 5th on a Fielder bases-clearing double.  Ryan Howard could have saved the Phillies that heartache, but he dropped a sure double play ball that would have ended the 5th before the damage was done.  No matter though; the Phillies only scored 1 run on a Matt Stairs homer that broke up Dave Bush’s no-hitter in the 8th.  The Phillies lost the game 6-1 and had only 2 hits on the day.

So, where, or where, have the Phillies bats gone?  Perhaps they are hiding in Fielder’s huge, baggy pants?  Is he going to pull a rabbit out of that uniform too?  And where is the Phanatic with his new magic act to make the bats reappear?  I do hope they find them soon.magic.jpg

Break Out The Calendar

The April 20 Phillies vs. San Diego Padres rain-out has been rescheduled for 7:05 p.m. on Thursday, July 23.  Anyone holding tickets for the 4/20 game can use those tickets for the rescheduled game on July 23 at Citizens Bank Park.  Dollar Dog Night has also been rescheduled for the new game date.

The Phillies vs. Washington Nationals rain-out in Washington on Wednesday, April 15 has been rescheduled for 1:05 p.m. on Saturday, May 16 as part of a split doubleheader.  And just to clarify for those unfamiliar with a “split” doubleheader:  If you have tickets for 4/15, you can use them for the 1:05pm game on 5/16; after that game ends, you will have to leave and need a separate ticket for the 7:05pm game.  Both games are not included.  Bummer, I know.

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All-Star Balloting Continues

Click HERE to VOTE!  Get your Phillies into the game!!  Vote a maximum of 25 times per day, per email address.  Gizmo the chinchilla needs your help to get the Phillies into the game!  Don’t let him down; he is an endangered species :O(

Next Up

The Phillies will travel to Miami tonight to start a 3-game series with the red-hot Florida Marlins tomorrow.  Game time is 7:10pm with Brett Myers on the mound.

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