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Circling The Drain

The Phillies season is slowly, but surely, circling the drain.  With 11 losses in 13 games, injuries piling up and even the steady Cole Hamels beginning to lose his cool, this season is quickly working its way into the crapper.

Hamels had a very bad 5th inning against the Jays, but the umpire did him no favors with the inconsistent strike zone.  Still, after giving up 3 runs in the 5th and 1 prior to that in the 4th, Hamels was at the end of his rope.  Charlie Manuel pulled him from the game and as he walked off the mound, he gave an earful to the home plate ump who tossed him from the game.  It was the 1st player ejection for the Phillies of the season, although technically, he was out of the game already.

CBP tornado.jpgBut the frustration from Hamels was just a microcosm of how the past several weeks have panned out for this team.  Bad breaks, bad hitting and even worse mental mistakes have led the Phillies down a dark and treacherous path.  Fans everywhere are waiting for a tornado to tear down the stadium; that is simply how bad it has been.

The Phillies offense did not record a hit until the 7th inning when Chase Utley singled.  Right before that, they saw yet another pitcher run out of the game early with an injury.  Chan Ho Park appeared to get hit by a batted ball in the knee and went down screaming in pain.  It was not pretty:

With Clay Condrey and Scott Eyre still on the DL; Brett Myers lost for the season and Brad Lidge just returning, Park going down is a serious kick in the gut.  Not to mention, still no Raul Ibanez and Jimmy Rollins continues sit on the  bench for a “mental” break.

Well, speaking of Lidge, Manuel decided to get him some work today, despite being down 0-4.  Lidge, in the non-save situation, did not fare well.  He gave up 2 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks in only 1/3 of an inning. Welcome back, Brad??  Ugh.  Just one more bummer in an already disastrous situation.

And the road to hell continues in Canada again tomorrow.  JA Happ will take the mound at 1:07pm and pray for a miracle…

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2009: A Werth Odyssey

Jayson Werth had quite an interesting game tonight, and not all in a good way.  The odyssey in the outfield began with a few leaping and diving catches in right field which Werth made look easy.  But then in the 4th inning, Werth lost his mind a bit at the plate.  After Matt Garza of the Rays walked the bases loaded with NO outs, Werth stepped in and swung at the first pitch.  He hit into a 5-2-3 double play which left the Phillies scoreless in the inning.

When the opposing pitcher walks 3 batters in a row and begins to unravel, why do you swing at the first pitch?  That should not happen.  Garza’s jugular was exposed; he was shaking in his boots.  That is the time to go in for the kill.  And in this instance, the kill should have been to take at least one strike to put pressure on the pitcher.  Instead, Werth made everyone wonder what planet he thought he was playing on by hitting a short ground ball to 3rd on the first pitch.  And in one swing of the bat, Werth settled Garza back into his rhythm and gave momentum to the Rays.

Werth space.jpgBut the alien adventure did not end there; in the 6th, Werth missed a ball hit to right field that he probably should have caught.  But, in keeping with the weird and wacky theme of the day, Carl Crawford tried to stretch the double into a triple and, due to poor base running, he was tagged out at third by Pedro Feliz.

And still, Werth was not finished.  In the 7th, Werth hit a line drive to right field which just barely stayed fair and exited the yard inches beyond the foul pole for a solo homer to bring the Phillies within 1 run.  Never a dull moment…

In fact, Joe Blanton was one of the few players who had a relatively “normal” day; he went 7 solid innings, giving up only a 2-run homer to our old pal, Pat Burrell.  Aside from that long ball, Blanton was in control all night. 

However, the stability would end there.  JC Romero came in for the 8th and gave up a single.  But then Romero got a good double play ball, giving him 2 outs in the inning.  What happens next?  He hits a batter and then walks the next one to load the bases.  Chan Ho Park had to come into the game to try to get the 3rd out.  Park got Burrell to hit a weak ground ball to Jimmy Rollins, but Rollins took his time and underhanded to Chase Utley at 2nd instead of tossing Burrell out at first and the runner was called safe – a run scored instead of ending the inning.  Yikes!  The next batter hit a pop-up that landed in no man’s land, scoring 2 more runs.  Double yikes!  Another 2 runs scored on a single after that.  Dare I say it?… Triple yikes!

And that pretty much put the nail in the coffin for the Phillies who went down to the Rays by a score of 7-1.  It was a huge waste of a great pitching performance from Blanton.  Mistakes and mental errors turned this odyssey into an alien disaster of epic proportions.

Werth photo by Jenn


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Phillies Take One From The BoSox

In this 3-game series against a very good Red Sox team, the Phillies managed to escape with one win yesterday.  The game did not start out great, as JA Happ struggled in the 2nd inning and gave up 4 runs, including back-to-back homers.  But Happ went to his Happ-Y place and recovered nicely; although he walked 6 and allowed 5 runs total, Happ still managed to pitch though almost 6 innings to give the bullpen a much needed rest.

JROLL surf 2.jpgThe Phillies offense battled back and scored 4 runs in the 5th and then 6 in the 7th inning.  Singles by Pedro Feliz, Chris Coste and Chase Utley and a double from Ryan Howard led the charge in the 5th.  Then in the 7th, Jimmy Rollins emerged from his slump and hit a lead-off home run.  The rest of the team jumped on his back, decided to Hang Ten and ride the wave for 6 more runs which included 2 of those runs scored after Sox pitching hit J-Roll in his 2nd at-bat of the inning and then issued a walk to Shane Victorino all with the bases loaded to force in runs.  The game ended with a score of 11-6; the exact same score of the previous day’s game, but this time, it was in the Phillies favor.

Moyer Foundation

So the Phillies get a break from baseball today, but Jamie Moyer and many other players will do their part for charity tonight at the Philly Celebrity Waiters Dinner at the ballpark.  Benefiting the Moyer Foundation’s Camp Erin, which assists children in distress, many players will don aprons and serve food and drink to Philly locals in an effort to raise money for the cause.  It is always nice to see athletes using their free time to help the community.  Now just try not to drop a serving tray on anyone’s head… ;O)

Up Next

Tuesday night, the Phillies will host the Toronto Blue Jays for some more nerve-wracking interleague play.  Cole Hamels will take the mound at 7:05pm and Phillies fans will get to say hello to a few old friends; Scott Rolen and Rod Barajas.  So I know how Philly fans feel about Rolen, who publicly criticized the team years ago when he left, but he is still a cutie.  Please try to be gracious and not boo him…asking too much?  Oh well.

“The Pen”

Last night, the MLB Network premiered its new reality TV series, “The Pen,” which will follow the Phillies bullpen from Spring Training all the way to the All-Star break this year.  Last night’s episode gave a behind the scenes look at how pitchers are evaluated in Spring Training, how the 5th starter was chosen, what some of the players do in their free time with their kids and family, the impact of losing Harry Kalas and everything in between.  They even showed the agony that JA Happ went through when he had to call home to tell his family that Chan Ho Park was given the 5th spot and that he was unsure if he would make the team.  Cameras followed him as he sat on his bed in the hotel and made the phone call.  Gut wrenching, emotion stuff.  It was absolutely outstanding and after the hour was up, I was sad that it had to end.  But luckily, a new episode will air every Sunday night.  Make sure to tune in!


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Rollins Photo – Jenn


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Utley Is Still THE Man…

…And Jayson Werth ain’t bad either ;O)  Chase Utley and Werth combined yesterday to help the Phillies overcome a 4-1 deficit to win the game in 11 innings over the New York Mets.  Werth’s 10th inning diving catch had eyes popping all over the place; had he dove and missed, the winning run may have scored for the Mets.  But Werth got the job done after Chan Ho Park got into some trouble with 2 outs.


Chase Utley had an eventful day as well.  It began when he smacked a solo home run off the Mets Mike Pelfrey in the 4th inning.  Then in the 6th inning, Pelfrey had a childish fit on the mound when Utley stepped out of the batter’s box and requested time out.  He tossed his arms in the air and shouted at Utley who questioned what the problem was.  Pelfrey continued to rant, then Utley looked at him and said what appeared to be, “Seriously??”  Was Pelfrey really annoyed that time was called, which players do all the time?  Or was he maybe upset about the previous home run?  Either way, looks like Pelfrey needs to grow up.

Impervious to controversy as usual, Utley came back up to bat in the 11th and gave the Phillies the lead with another solo homer.  Ryan Madson, who is filling in for the injured Brad Lidge, closed the game and got the save.  Cole Hamels had started the game, but only went 5 innings and allowed 4 runs on 11 hits and 2 walks.  It was a very un-Cole like performance.  But 6 relief pitchers combined to hold the Mets to just those 4 runs and give the Phillies a chance to win.  Chad Durbin had another adventurous outing though, as he loaded the bases with 1 out in the 7th, but he escaped unharmed.  Whew!

Speaking of loading the bases, the Phillies did just that in the top of the 7th.  While they did score 3 runs to ties the game, a strange move off the bench may have kept them from scoring more.  With no outs and the bags packed, the new guy, Paul Bako, was sent up to bat and struck out in his first appearance for the Phils.  Charlie Manuel still had Chris Coste and Matt Stairs on the bench, both of whom can easily hit a long fly ball.  Why then is Bako sent to the plate in this situation?  Last year, he batted .217 in 99 games for the Reds and has been up and down between the bigs and the minors in his 11 year career.  This was a waste of an out, if you ask me.  But they did still win the game so, all is well that ends well. :O)

Phillies escape.jpgThe Phillies will try to escape from New York tonight with a series win.  Game time is 7:10pm and Jamie Moyer will face Tim Redding of the Mets.  This will end a 10 game road trip for the Phillies who return to Philly to face the Red Sox this weekend.

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Rookie Impressive In Debut

Antonio Bastardo made his major league debut last night against the Padres and held them to only 1 run; a solo homer from Adrian Gonzalez. The 23-year old rookie pitched 6 innings, allowing 4 hits total, 1 walk and he struck out 5.  Bastardo threw mostly fastballs, but the 95mph heat proved to be explosive.  If he can begin mixing in a few more off-speed pitches, this kid may be the answer to the Phillies’ prayers.

P5314819 Ibanez.jpgAlso feeling the power last night was Raul Ibanez who, on his 37th birthday, knocked in 5 runs with a double and two homers; a very Happy Birthday indeed!  The birthday bash continued with 2 hits from Shane Victorino, and 2 RBI each from Ryan Howard and Greg Dobbs.  The score was 10-1 by the middle of the 7th.

Enter Chan Ho Park: Park allowed 4 runs to the Padres in the bottom of the 7th and looked like a little league pitcher.  Obviously disappointed about losing his starting spot, Park has really begun to unravel.  But if he cannot accept his new role, then what good is he?  I believe the clock may be ticking for Park…

Chad Durbin ran into trouble as well in the 9th when he loaded the bases.  Durbin has not looked like the pitcher of 2008 all year long; he did have a quick and easy 8th inning, but the hit and 2 walks in the 9th still leave everyone with the feeling that he is just not right.  Luckily, Ryan Madson threw one pitch to end the game and bail Durbin out, avoiding a huge disaster; but you still have to wonder, what is wrong with Durbin?  But give him a few more outings and let’s see if he can fix the issue.

The Phillies will try for their 2nd sweep in a row tonight with JA Happ on the mound; game time is 10:05pm again.

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Photo by Jenn

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Phillies Clean-Up In Cincy

After a non-existent offense last night, the Phillies cleaned up their act today and scored big in a 12-5 win over the Reds to cap off the series win.  Raul Ibanez continued his All-Star bid by whacking home run #15 and now has 40 RBI on the year, which leads the league. 

Jimmy Rollins
cleaned-up as well, swiping stolen base #300 for his career.  Rollins has woken up of late and brought his batting average up .034 points to .234 since the start of the Nationals series last week.  He had 4 hits today alone.  And Chase Utley is still on tear; he was just a triple short of the cycle today with 3 hits and 4 RBI.

4 home runs in the game helped, including homers from Utley, Ibanez, Ryan Howard and Greg Dobbs, getting a rare start.  Dobbs had a base running blunder early in the game when he was picked off 1st base as he somehow mistook the first baseman’s ankle for the base.  Whoops!  But all was forgiven when he nailed the solo shot in the 3rd.

Joe Blanton pitched well for 4 innings, but fell apart in the 5th and gave up 5 runs.  If he could just duplicate the first 4 innings for say 6 or 7 innings, that would be great.  Obviously, he still has work to do, but those 4 innings were a step in the right direction.  The bullpen, including Chan Ho Park in his first Phillies relief appearance since losing the starting job, held down the Reds for 4 more innings.  Park was a bit shaky and had 2 base runners, but he settled in and got out of the jam.  Everyone is hoping he can turn his season around by given the Phillies some solid innings out of the pen.

It is now on to New York to face the Yankees for a 3-game Memorial Day weekend series.  Tomorrow night, Brett Myers will face AJ Burnett in what should be quite a showdown with the run the Yankees have been on lately.  The Phillies have won 6 of their last 7 games and the Yanks are on an 8-game win streak.  Add a brand new stadium into the mix and this should be a good one.  My 2 favorite teams going at it – always a treat!

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Lidge Saves A Nail Biter

Brad Lidge allowed 2 base runners with only 1 out in the bottom of the 9th in a 4-3 game tonight; just as Phillies fans everywhere were ready to throw in the towel again, Lidge buckled down and got the next 2 batters out to save the game.  Whew!  Does he have to make every save a tummy-turner?  Oh well, at least he got the job done.

Cole Hamels did his job too; 6 innings pitched and 3 runs allowed.  Not super, but good enough to win the game.  And the offense only had 7 hits in the game, including a Ryan Howard solo home run, but it was also enough to win the game.  They faced a very tough pitcher, so we will take it.

And while Hamels is our pitching Angel, Chan Ho Park has been the Devil.hamels park.jpgAfter Spring Training, many thought JA Happ should have been given the 5th starters spot, but instead, the Phillies went with Park.  That turned out to be a big mistake as Park limped through April and the first part of May with a lousy 7.08 ERA.  The Phils finally came to their senses and sent him to the pen where he belongs.  Happ will take over the 5th spot starting this Saturday against the Yankees.  Talk about a trial by fire…this poor kid has to be shaking in his boots.  He finally gets the job he deserves and now he has to face A-Rod and Jeter.  We wish him luck!

The series with the Reds will continue tomorrow at 7:10pm.  And keep VOTING for your All-Stars!  Utley, Ibanez, Howard, Werth…get them to St. Louis!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

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