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2011 Photo Day; A Fun Event or a Mauling By Rude Fans?

Saturday was the Phillies annual Photo Day where fans can go onto the field and take pictures of the players as they walk by.  This was the first year where most players did not pose with fans, mostly shaking hands and posing only for a few kids.  But I still got some nice photos:

And now, here is my rant on the subject.  Many fans who got there late and did not wait outside the stadium for 3 hours like I did to get a good spot in the front were very badly behaved.  I have this issue every year and every year it gets worse.  Late fans, adults and kids, try to knock me over and push past me to get at the players when they come out.

Bad parents try to push their kids in front of me and when one gets by, three or four more start shoving to get a spot.  I actually told an 8-year old boy who pushed past me, “I am sorry, but you need to go back to where your parents are.”  He left and, while I feel bad for the kid, it is not my fault that his parents are self-entitled jerks who are setting a bad example on how to behave.  I am not going to babysit someone else’s kids, nor am I going to give up my photo opportunity when I waited outside in the blistering heat for 3 hours to get that spot on the field.

I have brought my own kids to this event in the past and would never, and have never, encouraged them to behave in such a way.  I stopped bringing them because I felt it became dangerous as grown people pushed and shoved them and one year, I almost got into a fight over it.  The only reason I did not was because the other woman literally ran away from me, as well she should have.

Every year, I get hit in the head, elbowed in the side, etc… all while I am trying to shoot photos and get a handshake.  It is ridiculous and I wish that the Phillies would do something about it.  Make an announcement before the players come out, issue warnings…something to get these self-entitled fans to behave like humans instead of rabid animals.

Because on what should be a fun day, I should not be walking off the field limping and covered in bruises.  Every year I try to have a sense of humor about it, but it has really gotten out of hand.

I am curious to see if anyone else has had this experience or if I just look like a push-over so people aim for me?  I really don’t think I do, maybe just bad luck?  Let me know in the comments section what your experience has been.

Here are more PHOTOS from the event and also from the game, which I will be posting about next.


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Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography

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