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Things To Be Thankful For: 2009 Edition


Welcome to the 2009 edition of “Things To Be Thankful For” –

– Global Warming…because snow sucks.

– When baseball and nature collide:


– The end of the 2009 season for Cole Hamels.  He was not the only one hoping it would go away as quickly as possible.

P2272564 Utley2.jpg– Mmmmm….Donuts….yummy!

– Mmmmm…Chase Utley…yummier than donuts ;o)

Brittney Spears – she makes me feel SO much better about my own dysfunctional life.

Sarah Palin – undoubtedly, her mere existence makes me look like a genius.

– Steroids – just one more reason to hate Bud Selig.

Jayson Werth’s pre-game workout routine:

Monkey eating.JPG

– Monkey’s…because they make me giggle.
-The Guinness Book of World’s Records – because I have always wondered how many rotations a human could make while hanging from a power drill…haven’t you?  It is 141…you can die happy now.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Monkey, Utley photos &  videos by Jenn


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