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Phillies Magazine Flashback: 1992

1992 magazine002.jpgEarlier this month, I showed you highlights from a 1982 Phillies Magazine.   Flash forward ten years later and here are bits from a 1992 Phillies Magazine for you.  Curt Schilling is on the cover and the price of the publication (seen on the bottom, left hand side) is only $2.00.  In 1982, the same publication sold for $1.00.  Today, the magazine / program sells for $4.99.


Inside the magazine are pages very similar to the 2009 editions; team rosters, a score sheet and several informative articles about the team and happenings around Major League Baseball.  One page of interest in the 1992 edition is the player fact section, which includes the current Phillies General Manager, Ruben Amaro Jr.  Here he is, then and now:

Amaro then and now.jpgAnd here is the 1992 roster from inside the magazine; a very solid team that won the NL Pennant the following year:

1992 roster003.jpgAnd my favorite part of the old publications is being able to compare ticket prices over the years.  
ticket prices 3 decades.jpg
The chart to the left shows prices from 1982, 1992 and this coming year, 2010.  The highest priced regular (non-premium seating) ticket in each year were as follows; 1982 – $7.00, 1992 – $12.00, 2010 – $60.00.  Ouch! 

I was in college in 1992 and remember always buying the cheapest ticket they had; then I was able to sit pretty much wherever I wanted.  The Vet was huge and always had plenty of open seats.  I miss those days.  Now to attend a game, I need to break the bank unless I want to sit all the way up top, where players look more like ants that people.  And that still costs $20.00.  However, vertigo from sitting in the super high, steeply sloped seats is totally free. ;o)

By the way, I will be attending a special event this Sunday in New York City; the financial company Bloomberg has put together software in conjunction with MLB.com to provide new ways to track baseball statistics.  MLBloggers were invited to preview the software and give our feedback.  If any other MLBloggers will be attending, please let me know.  I would love to meet you!

I will also “attempt” to do a live blog from the event, but I am unsure as to the conditions and internet connection.  They said wireless will be provided, but my laptop is old and may or may not cooperate.  The event will be between 12pm and 5pm on Sunday, so feel free to stop by my home page and see if I managed to pull this off ;o)  Either way, I will be back with details.  Wish me luck!

Amaro photo by Jenn


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A Blast From The Past, 80’s Style

Phls mag001.jpg

While rooting through some old piles of baseball memorabilia, I came across an old Phillies program from 1982.  Although the cover, which is shown to the right, is in color, most of the magazine was black and white.  Note the price on the cover, which is only $1.00.  The All-Star second baseman on the cover is Manny Trillo, who played for the Phillies from 1979-1982.

Inside the magazine is the usual stuff; player profiles, coach’s information, rosters, short stories and tons and tons of advertising.  At least some things never change.  What has changed a great deal in 27 years are the ticket prices.  The most expensive regular seat in 1982 was $7.00.  The same seat today is $60.00.  Click on any photo to see an enlarged version:

Phls mag004.jpg
And here is one of the player profile pages featuring Pete Rose and Marty Bystrom.  I love how their facsimile signatures are added to the descriptions:

Phls mag002.jpg
You have to love the page with the “Lesson in Baseball Language.”  Perfect for the baseball novice who does not know what a spitball is or what will happen if a pitcher throws one.  According to this, not only is the spitball illegal, but you are told that “a great fuss will result” if one is thrown.  Good to know.  A home run is defined as “The bane of a pitcher’s existence.”  Read the others and you will see that humor was not dead in the 80’s, as is also evident in the book title shown below the definitions: “Philadelphia Phillies: The Team That Wouldn’t Die; World Champions 1980.”

Phls mag003.jpg
And my favorite part of the magazine was the retail section, showing the odd fashions from the 80’s.  The black and white print does not do the hideousness of these polo’s and tee shirts justice:

Phls mag005.jpg
So while we are older and wiser and have finally learned to dress ourselves appropriately, I suppose the retro-look still comes in handy for Halloween or scaring away annoying relatives. ;o)

I hope you all enjoyed a short trip back to baseball in the 80’s.  Now I will go see what else I can dig up…

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