Utley Delivers; Howard Ends Game with a Walk-Off

The Phillies went more than 5 innings today against the Mets with only 1 hit; a Chase Utley home run.  When they finally added a second hit in the 6th inning, it was an Utley single.  He later also hit a triple and ended the game just a double short of the cycle.
081014 Utley

Until later in the game, Utley’s heroics seemed for naught.  Kyle Kendrick stunk up the ball park with yet another horrible outing that included allowing back-to-back home runs and a 2rd straight hit to the Mets in the 5th.  Chants of “You suck, Kyle!” rang throughout the stands.  It was ugly.
081014 Kendrick

But after Domonic Brown drove in two runs late in the 6th inning, the tide began to turn.  Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Brown missed a routine ball in left earlier in the game due to a lack of hustle.  What is up with his defense?  Ugh.  At any rate, the 6th inning hit started a rally.
081014 Misc

Utley knocked in the next two runs with his triple in the 7th.  That brought the Phillies to within a run and the bullpen held the Mets down.  Finally in the 9th, Marlon Byrd drove in Cody Asche to tie the game.  After Utley was walked, Ryan Howard stepped in with the big walk-off single to right.  He was subsequently mauled at first base, knocked off his feet and beat senseless by his teammates.  All in good fun, of course.  Finally, a game that did not totally suck!

Before the game, Phillies alumni took to the field, including former centerfielder Aaron Rowand.  In a pregame chat, he had this to say to me:

Awww!  I know there are still people out there who do not get my little obsession with Rowand.  Too bad.  I love this guy for his passion for the game, something that has been lacking the last several years around here.

So he and Charlie Manual, Darren Daulton, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt and others enjoyed a nice pregame moment.  Then Manuel threw the first pitch to Utley, which was fun to watch.
081014 Alumni

The Phillies have one more game with the Mets; a day game tomorrow that starts at 1:05pm.  Then they will fly to Los Angeles for a short 5-game West Coast road trip.

Here is the rest of the Photo Album from today’s game.

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Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography


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