Review of Ballpark E-Guide; Citizens Bank Park

I recently received a copy of Kurt Smith’s Citizens Bank Park Ballpark E-Guide and thought I would share what I learned in reading it.  The 32-page booklet in the form of a PDF file download covers everything you ever wanted to know about the ballpark including tickets, seating, transportation, parking, food and drinks.

The information provided is great for first-time visitors to the ballpark, but it also includes a lot for the more experienced fans as well.  For example, I am an extremely picky eater; if I do not know what it is, I won’t eat it.  And I cannot be bothered to look things up ahead of time either when my old standby’s (cheese steak & water ice!) are readily available.  But after reading the guide, I discovered many food options that sounded interesting and may prompt me to expand my horizons a bit.  I had no clue what a “Schmitter” was before now.  For the record, it is a sandwich with steak, salami, cheese, tomatoes, fried onions and a special sauce.

Another tidbit I was unaware of was the existence of a website called  This ticket site searches about a dozen other ticket sites (like StubHub and E-Bay) so you can find the best prices and seat locations.  I will definitely try this out once the season begins.

There are also “Tightwad Tips” throughout the E-Guide to help you find creative ways to save money.  These are certainly worth a look.

I also found the Seating section helpful as it describes in detail what you are getting yourself into when you choose where to sit or stand for the game.  For example, the Rooftop Bleachers are described as being cheap, but far away from the action with a “raucous atmosphere.”  Having sat there myself, this is an accurate description.  These are the sort of small details that the Phillies web site will not provide.

At the end of the E-Guide is a section of “Extras” which includes a nice commentary on Phillies fans, describing most as “perfectly well behaved.”  But my favorite part says, “If you encounter an unpleasant situation while rooting for the opposing team, you’ve probably asked for it.”  Amen to that!

For more information or to order a copy of a Ballpark E-Guide, visit


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