The Only Constant is Change

As with everything else in life, the only true constant in baseball is change.  And this year especially, the Phillies are going to see their share of changes.

Infielder Pete Orr and catcher Steve Lerud have been outrighted from the 40-man roster.  Placido Polanco and Ty Wigginton had their club options declines; the Phillies will instead pay them buy-outs and say bye-bye.  Juan Pierre is a free agent and, despite being the most dependable guy on the 2012 team, the Phillies are probably not going to resign him.  In my opinion, that is just sheer stupidity.  But I have no say in the matter.

The coaching roster is also a revolving door.  The Phillies decided their hitting was so bad, they needed to fire Greg Gross (again) and hire two hitting coaches to replace him.  Bench coach Pete Mackanin and first-base coach Sam Perlozzo were canned as well.  Here is the updated coaches list:

Manager & Coaches
# Name Position
41 Charlie Manuel Manager
5 Steve Henderson Batting Coach
Wally Joyner Assistant Hitting Coach
30 Rich Dubee Pitching Coach
12 Juan Samuel First Base Coach
23 Ryne Sandberg Third Base Coach
54 Rod Nichols Bullpen Coach
81 Jesus Tiamo Bullpen Catcher
17 Mick Billmeyer Catching Coach

So all the Phillies need now are a couple of outfielders, a third baseman, many bullpen pieces and an anti-aging remedy.  Piece of cake, no?  *Sigh*

However, there is still one thing that will never change:  The Phillies still want your money!  Since October 16, I have received no fewer than 3 email reminders to pay my season ticket bill.  And they were all to proud to announce the following: “The Phillies will feature a variable pricing model for season ticket holders in 2013 with no overall price increase compared to 2012.”  I am pretty sure that with the way the team has played, not raising prices was the least they could do.

Of course what they fail to mention is that every year, you get less for your money; fewer giveaways, fewer opportunities to get special event tickets, fewer guaranteed postseason tickets (for partial plans), which are in crappy locations, bad customer service…and oh yeah, fewer wins :O(

I wonder how many fans out there will not be renewing their season tickets?  Let me know what your status is in the comments section.  As for me, I am a glutton for punishment, so I suppose I will renew.  But I plan on waiting until the last possible second, just to make them sweat a little.  Ok, I know they really do not care, but it will make me feel slightly better anyway ;o)

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Polanco photo by Jenn Zambri Photography



  1. Patti

    I decided not to renew my 14 game package. I had too much trouble finding people that wanted to go this past season and on those days where I could not attend, I couldn’t even sell my tickets to anyone.

  2. Fightin' On

    2012 was tough, but I look at it as the consequence of going for broke, which is what Amaro did in 2010 and 2011. When you have a window of opportunity where you believe you are just one or two pieces away from a World Series, you have to go for it. At the end of the day, that’s what I want from a GM. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but the window isn’t quite closed yet.

    I have faith that Amaro will make smart moves, and hopefully the Phillies can stay healthy in 2013.

  3. Phillies Phollowers

    Hey Patti – I feel your pain; I have the same plan. I keep trying to get my seat switched but they just ignore the request. It will probably take an act of God to get that done so I will ride it out one more year and see what happens.
    Fightin’ On – I agree..I was glad they spent the $, but since it did not work out, I hope it does not discourage them from giving it another shot :O) Crossing my fingers!

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