Thoughts to Ponder…

The news out of Phillies spring training thus far has been basically what we all expected…kind of boring.  Everyone returning from injury says all the right things; “I feel great,” “I am ready to play!” and things of that nature.  The coach and the GM also say all the right things, “Such & such…looks good…ready to play, etc…”

Then we hear all kinds of conflicting reports about recovery times.  Like Ryan Howard will return to the line-up in April… or May, June or after the All-Star break.  Chase Utley will hit 20 home runs…or 10 or maybe none.  But hey, reporters gotta eat too, right?

I get that part of the charm of spring training is wading through all of the great “unknowns” and speculating on the “what might be’s.”  But wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear someone respond with, “I have no clue.  I am not a psychic nor do I own a crystal ball.  Next question.”

Here, I’ll go first:  When will Howard return from injury? – I have no clue.  I am not a psychic nor do I own a crystal ball.  Next question.

That was very cathartic.  I already feel like a weight has been lifted. ;o)

So just for fun, here is a nice list of questions I thought of to ask major league ball players that would be highly entertaining, but have zero chance of ever being asked or ever receiving an honest answer on:

– If given a choice between a machine calling balls and strikes or a live umpire, which would you prefer and why?

– Do you think that Ryan Braun’s overturned suspension, due to what appears to be a technicality, casts doubt upon the efficacy and accuracy of MLB’s PED testing program?

– (Not that this will ever be a reality but…) Would you agree to a pay for performance structure throughout baseball instead of the current guaranteed contracts?  Why or why not?

– Who got voted to or picked for the most recent All-Star game that did not deserve to go?

– Which teammate, current or former, do/did you dislike the most and why?

– In a fight between Bud Selig and Satan, who wins and why?

Spring training would be way more fun if only we could get a few real answers ;O)  But since that is never going to happen, those reading can feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments below.  The best answers may be featured in a future blog!

So, what is YOUR opinion?  Go for it…


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  1. Jersey Josh

    Here’s some answers to your questions:

    1. Live ump. A machine would be another excuse to drive ticket prices up.
    2. The testing program itself is still valid. Just some shipping and handling issues to tweek.
    3. I think any ballplayer would pimp slap me into next week if asked that one. The union wouldn’t allow that one, they don’t have performance based vesting contracts, just “appearance” based ones (games started, plate appearances, etc).
    4. Ask me again in late July
    5. Dykstra probably owes everyone money
    6. Selig would postpone the fight indefinitely on the grounds that Satan can not pass a drug test

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