Phillies Continue to Crank the Money Machine

The amount of money the Phillies have cranked out over the past several years is pretty astonishing.  It is especially shocking for fans like me who previously lived thought decades of penny-pinching squalor and a grand tradition of losing.  I definitely prefer the shopping spree…

This week, the Phillies dropped another $15 million to avoid arbitration for the 2012 season with lefty Cole Hamels.  Some may be annoyed that a long-term deal was not struck.  However, the $15 million may just be a little grease for the money machine wheel leading up to a more lucrative, long-term deal in the near future.  Call it a gesture of goodwill to Hamels, letting him in on their forthcoming intentions.

A few more Phillies each got a smaller piece of the pie this week.  Utility man and part-time relief pitcher extraordinaire Wilson Valdez pocketed $930,000, the biggest paycheck of his 6-year career.  But seriously, they could not cough up the remaining $70,000 to give the guy a cool million?

Even Kyle Kendrick got $3.585 million to avoid arbitration and Valdez might be the better pitcher…  Okay, I am kidding.  Maybe Hamels can buy Valdez a BMW instead….

The only player left who is arbitration eligible is right fielder Hunter Pence who is looking for $11.8 million while the Phillies are aiming for $9 million.  This one may go to a hearing.   Maybe Pence is just not making as much money as he had hoped off his “Let’s Go Eat” proverb?  I don’t know about you, but I could eat a LOT with $9 million…

And as you all probably know by now, former Phillies reliever Ryan Madson finally signed a 1-year deal with the Reds worth about $8.5 million.  Rumor has it that the Phillies offered Madson at least a 3-year deal worth about $30 million, which he and super-agent Scott Boras apparently turned down.  What he got stuck with instead is an insult.  I would totally fire Boras if I were Madson…

In other random Phillies news, pitcher Joel Pinero, 33, has been signed to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training.  In 2011 for the Angels, Pinero went 7-7 with a 5.13 ERA.  Lifetime, he is 104-93 with a 4.41 ERA in 12 seasons.  It is unlikely that Pinero will contribute with the possible exception of making Kendrick and Joe Blanton a little nervous.



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Hamels photo by Jenn Zambri Photography




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    Yeah, they have sold out every game going back a few years now. But you can still get tickets if you buy early and you can get them on StubHub too. You should check out CBP…it is a great park :O) Thanks for visiting my blog!

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