Bye, Bye Benny

With a plethora of outfielders now in the Phillies system after a few signings, Ben Francisco has been traded Toronto for Minor League relief pitcher Frank Gailey.  Gailey, 26, is from Philly and has a record of 23-15 with a 2.45 ERA in 175 appearances in the minors. 

Francisco had a promising spring training before the 2011 season, but his hot streak ran cold quickly.  While Francisco was not consistent as a starter, the bench role did seem to suit him well.  He hit .269 with 4 RBI in 2011 and .289 with 7 RBI in 2010 as a pinch hitter.

But John Mayberry Jr. clearly outplayed him this past season.  And with the new additions of Scott Podsednik and Laynce Nix plus Domonic Brown on the roster, the outfield is full.

However, the Phillies seem to have some concerns about Brown’s future and they seem intent on giving him more time in the minors before they bring him up again.  Brown should be major league ready by now, but the Phils do not seem convinced.

If this is true, why not trade Brown now while he is still listed as a top prospect?  Because if they give him another shot in the bigs and he bombs again, his value will go right out the window.  At least now, they could get something in return for him.  Just a thought…

In other news, Jimmy Rollins is still in limbo, although rumors are flying that a deal is imminent.  J-Roll has not gotten much interest from other teams so resigning him at a descent price may be getting a little easier.

So what has J-Roll been doing while he waits?  Apparently, tweeting about Ryan Braun’s positive drug test“: “I really hope Braunie’s initial test is not upheld. Either way people are gonna judge him. I believe him though.”

Braun was named the NL MVP this year.  So this may be the worst timing ever, although many people think the test was an error or some weird medical condition.  Whatever the case, we will not have a real answer anytime soon as Braun is appealing the ruling which, if he loses, will end in a 50-game suspension.



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Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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