What Phillies Fans Can Be Thankful For: 2011 Edition

The annual tradition continues with my 2011 edition of things to be thankful for.  Put down the fork for a few seconds and enjoy:

What We Can All Be Thankful For:

Soccer fan– 5 straight NL East Titles :O)

– The Houston Astros: Because some team has to suck this badly.  Be glad it is not the Phillies.

– Soccer fans: Because they make baseball fans seem tame.

– Seeing Roy Halladay pitch. It never gets old.

– Text messaging: Because I did not feel like talking to you anyway ;o)

– Politicians: I can be 100% assured that my moral compass points in the right direction after watching these people.

175 ruiz– Panama: Because they produced Carlos Ruiz :O)

– Gravity

– Umpires: They make me feel really smart.

– Modern plumbing.  Belize is a nice place to visit, unless you need to use the bathroom. :O(

– Form fitting baseball pants

– Chocolate

– Friends, family and my fellow Phans!

– Everything in this video:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography except soccer lady, http://www.chicagonow.com

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  1. mlblogsbarbward

    I’m personally grateful for Cliff Lee even though he has a bad outing in the end. He provided some much needed pop to the starting rotation and gave us some really exciting memories during the season…. and that ain’t bad! Great entry, Jenn.

  2. Rich Baxter

    I am thankful we have a winning team although it comes at a price. I dread the day the Phillies sink back into oblivion like the Orioles did after the late 90’s and still going forward.

    Teams seem to have the best of times and then inevitably the worst of times, we’re still riding high up on that wave! Never a better time to be a Phillies fan.

  3. Emma

    Ouch that lady with the soccer balls! lol. I am sure there are places in Belize with decent plumbing, just not the place you went to? -Emma

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