Mets Massacre Phils In 11-2 Spanking

On paper, the Phillies have the best team in baseball.  But on the field today, they basically sucked.  The Phillies took an 11-2 spanking from the Mets who played without four of their regular starters, three of whom are All-Star caliber players.

The massacre began in the first inning when a horrible mistake caused pitcher Cole Hamels to lose his cool.  With two outs in the first inning, Hamels allowed a double but then coaxed an infield pop-up from David Murphy to get out of the inning…or so he thought.  Ryan Howard apparently called Chase Utley off the pop-up and then had a brain freeze as the ball dropped between them with Howard looking confused.

Hamels was visibly upset and, if you can read lips, it looks like he yelled, “Oh come on!” and followed it up with a few indistinguishable unhappy words.  You cannot blame Hamels for his annoyance, as a run scored and the pop-up was scored a single since no one touched the ball.  However, after that incident, Hamels was just not the same pitcher.

Manager Charlie Manuel had to pull Hamels from the game after only 4.1 innings where he gave up a career-high seven runs on eight hits and four walks, including a walk to the opposing pitcher.

The Phillies had a chance to catch up in the seventh inning, but Jimmy Rollins coughed up a double play ball with no outs and the bases loaded to kill the rally.  The Phillies scored only two runs despite the hits and multiple fielding flubs by the Mets.

And then Danys Baez put the nail in the coffin in the bottom of the seventh.  Baez began the game with a 5.35 ERA but apparently, he did not feel that was horrible enough.  After he gave up four runs on four hits, including a 3-run homer, Baez seemed more satisfied with the 6.25 ERA that followed. (Editor’s note: The previous paragraph involved “sarcasm,” in case anyone missed it.)

The Phillies still have a chance to win the series tomorrow, however, since Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are getting some extra time off, they will have to win with Kyle Kendrick on the mound.  Game time is 1:10pm.


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Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography

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  1. mlblogsbarbward

    As I’ve said, this is the season for the Phillies ” to expect the unexpected”. Yesterday was the game that we all thought would be a W… not so much. Today, we shall see. Kendrick can always surprise everyone. Think the offense might be raring to go after yesterday’s flat line. Again, we shall see.

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