Hamels Shines While the Offense Bombs

Cole Hamels must be wondering what he ever did to offend his teammates.  Because they just cannot seem to score any runs for him.  Then again, this Phillies offense has been fizzling on a regular basis without regard to the starting pitching.   Tonight’s game against the A’s was no different.

So, where has the offense gone?  Are the bats hiding or have they been kidnapped?  Maybe Charlie Manuel should make flyers and post them around town to see if anyone can find them.

The Phillies scraped out only one run in this game, thanks to a Carlos Ruiz RBI-single in the second inning.  As a team, they had only four hits.

Poor Hamels pitched another gem, allowing just two runs in eight innings.  He more than earned a win but again, he did not get one.

And then Michael Stutes finally had a bad day.  In the ninth inning, he gave up two runs on two hits and a walk.  The 2-1 deficit was suddenly increased to 4-1.

Another issue which we may hear more about later was rookie Domonic Brown lolly-gagging his way to first base on a ground ball that he assumed was an out.  The lack of hustle cost him as the A’s second baseman bobbled the ball.  Had Brown been running full-speed, he may have beat the play.

Manuel will likely address this with Brown later on, as he should.  This is not a good habit for a rookie to get into.

So the Phillies lost the game by a score of 4-1.  The good news is that Roy Halladay pitches tomorrow. However, this is only good news if the Phillies can find their bats.

I will be there and return with photos.  Game time is 1:35pm.


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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