Comedy of Errors Turns Into a Win For the Phillies

It was not pretty, but the Phillies pulled out at 6-4 win over the Mets on Friday night.  The Phillies committed three errors and the Mets had two.

 The real circus act occurred between Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley.  With two outs in the fifth inning, a pop-up to short center turned into a small disaster.  Utley was over-aggressive and crossed past his side of second base, slamming into Rollins and the ball dropped between the two of them after a little juggling.

Then in the seventh inning, it appeared a throw-over was put on by the bench.  Michael Stutes turned and threw to second, but no one was covering.  Either Rollins or Utley missed the call.  That blooper cost the Phils another run.

Meanwhile, Roy Oswalt saw his pitch count rise as the Phillies error’s extended his day.  He went six innings, allowing one earned and one unearned run.  He also hit an RBI-single in an attempt to keep pace with the hitting of Cliff Lee in the previous game.

The game was tied 3-3 by the eighth inning, but the Phillies bounced back against the Mets closer, Francisco Rodriguez in the ninth. Historically, the Phillies have had no success against Rodriguez, never scoring a run against him.  But in a non-save situation, they finally got to K-Rod.

Five singles and a sac fly later, the Phillies jumped to a 6-3 lead.  Domonic Brown and Placido Polanco both hit key RBI-singles that inning.  Brown went two-for-two after coming into the game in the eighth, although one hit was a gift from Mets first baseman who missed the easy grounder.  And Rollins collected three RBI in the game.

John Mayberry Jr. continues to impress as well.  He had a hit, a walk, a stolen base and scored two runs.  And his defense in center while standing in for the injured Shane Victorino has been outstanding.  Mayberry’s long strides make difficult balls look easy to get to.

So although the game was a real adventure, a win makes all the mistakes fade away.

Cole Hamels will pitch tomorrow in game two with the Mets which starts at 7:10pm.


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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