No Show Castillo

Barely hanging on to his career by the skin of his teeth, former Mets second baseman Luis Castillo failed to report to Clearwater either yesterday or today.  The doctor who was to perform his physical this morning had to be sent home and Castillo was also scratched from the line-up of today’s game against the Blue Jays.

In fact, the Phillies have not put him in the line-up for tomorrow’s spring game either, as no one seems to be sure when Castillo may actually show up.  With only nine games left to show the Phillies what he is made of, Castillo’s no show seems to indicate a serious lack of motivation.

Picture1.jpgCastillo has blamed the incident on a miscommunication with his agent and some hotel issue.  But it is not like Castillo was in another country or even another state.  He has been staying in Miami, Florida which is one hour away by plane and under five hours driving distance.

The real confusion seems to be whether or not Castillo feels like playing baseball any longer.  If he is so interested in extending his career, would he not have sprinted to Clearwater as fast as he could?  Charlie Manuel agrees and said earlier, “If it was me? I would have been here two days ago.”

The Mets let this guy go for a reason.  Perhaps the Phillies are now more aware of exactly why that was.

Other than really not caring, the only other logical reason to think that Castillo was in no rush to get to camp is that maybe he thinks his veteran status will ensure him a spot on the team.  But whether it was arrogance, disinterest or just plain stupidity, does it really matter?  My thought is if the guy shows no initiative, he should not even be considered.

Manuel said if it were him, he would be two days early.  If it were me in Manuel’s place, I would just tell Castillo to stay in Miami and not bother coming at all.


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