Hamels, The Marked Man & More Injuries For The  Phillies

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for P7098599 Hamels.jpgIn yesterday’s spring training game against the Astros, pitcher Cole Hamels had words with second baseman Bill Hall.  Hamels threw a pitch up and in which did not even come that close to Hall, but he apparently took offense.

Hamels blew off the incident saying Hall was a “good guy.”  Hall reacted a bit differently.  According to the veteran infielder, “He’s (Hamels) definitely a marked man for me now.  So when I do some damage off him I’m going to let him know I did some damage off him.  I guarantee that.  I’m not going to let him disrespect me.  If you disrespect me I’m going to do my best to disrespect you back.”

In nine years in the majors, Hall is a lifetime .250 hitter.  I am not sure what “damage” Hall is referring to and I am guessing we will not find out anytime in this decade.  For a 31-year old, below-average player, these are certainly very immature remarks.  Hall is not worthy to lick Cole’s muddy cleats.

More Injuries

The grocery list of Phillies player injuries has just grown a bit longer.  It began with Chase Utley’s bum knee, moved on to a broken hand bone for Domonic Brown, a sore neck for Ben Francisco and now, Brad Lidge has joined the party.

According to Phillies sources, Lidge has bicep tendinitis.  Pitching coach Rich Dubee said, “He generally has it in the spring,” indicating that this is business as usual for Lidge.  The Phillies insist it is not serious.  Then again, we have heard that one before.

There are also reports that Lidge’s fastball is not up to speed.  Combined with his injury history and the fact that he has yet to get through an entire spring training with the Phillies healthy, there may be reason for concern.

Speaking of Lidge’s history, did you know that Lidge missed parts of his first four professional seasons, from 2002 to 2005, with a variety of injuries?  These included a torn rotator cuff, right shoulder tendinitis and a broken forearm that almost ended his career.

Here is a closer look at some of Lidge’s injury history:

– 2002, a strained intercostal muscle near the rib cage.

– December 2003, arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

– June – July 2005, shut down with elbow issues.

– May 2007, bone bruise on his right femur near his knee.

– June – July 2007, left oblique strain.

– October 2007, surgery to repair torn cartilage in his right knee.

– February 2008, tore the meniscus in the same knee he just had surgery on during his first pitch off a mound in spring training.

– June 2009, sprained right knee and a sore elbow, specifically the flexor pronator tendon.

– January 2010, surgery on both the elbow and the right knee again.

– March 2010, the elbow is still an issue and Lidge gets a cortisone injection.

– March 2011, bicep tendinitis.

While history does not always predict the future, the long list of injuries is a bit scary.  The amount of time Lidge has missed is an issue as well.

Of the top ten closers in baseball who remained basically healthy in 2010, the average number of innings pitched for each closer was about 68.2 innings per year.  Lidge pitched only 45.2 last year and 58.2 in 2009.

The current injury for Lidge may indeed be nothing to worry about.  Phillies fans certainly hope that is the case.  But at the rate Phillies players are dropping, any injury is scary. 

Adding to the Phillies woes, Placido Polanco left a spring game early today after hyperextending the same elbow he had surgery on this offseason.  Just like Lidge, the Phillies say he is not expected to miss much time.

For both Lidge and Polanco, many are hoping that history will not repeat itself.


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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  1. fanflyers

    Definitely not good news on Polanco- I know he is saying it is not a big deal, it has happened many times before, but come on, why didn’t they fix that problem when they did the elbow surgery this winter. Doesn’t sound to me like he will make it through the whole season without a significant elbow issue again- so I guess we really need to hope Utley’s small progress quickly becomes major progress- no way we want to have both of them out of the lineup again for an extended period.

    Bill Hall is an idiot. Given the current Phils rotation plan with Hamels the number four pitcher, Hamels and Hall will not face each other the first series of the year-which is a shame since by the next time the Phillies face the Astros, you can be sure Hall will be suffering another of his injuries that has made him nothing more than a backup with a big mouth.

    Bruce (Phillies Insight)

  2. raysrenegade

    First off,
    Happy Birthday Miss Jenn.
    Secondly, Hall is a dweeb who couldn’t make an impact on the Red Sox…Hamels could of done it on purpose, but it is the Spring. It is not the time for that playground BS staements or puffing out of the chest.
    If this had happened in the middle of a series, or made Hall dirty, then the chatter could be tolerated.
    Hall should of just shut his trap and acted like a veteran…instead of mouthing off like a Double-A player….Maybe he is the “marked man” now by more than just Hamels……Way to go Bill…make yourself a target in March.

    Rays Renegade

  3. blithescribe

    Bill Hall sounds like an idiot with delusions of grandeur. Sorry to hear there have been more injuries. Not a great spring trainings for the Phillies so far, at least not from a health stand point. Maybe they’re just getting it all out of their systems now?

  4. rrrt

    Yes, please let’s hope they’re getting it out of the way now. All these injuries, major and minor, are making me feel a bit queasy. And what is Bill Hall’s problem? Since when is pitching up and in “disrespecting” someone? Isn’t it part of the game to get the batter off the plate? Sheesh!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. BigEJac

    Hey read my blog I am a die heart Phillies fan I know read what I wrote on the Bill Hill thing. thebaseballdaily.mlblogs.com

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