Acting With Roy and Sleeping With Chooch

Roy Halladay is a talented man.  Not only can he toss a perfect game, but apparently, he can act too.  Check out Roy with his off-season Chooch pillow:

This gets funnier every time you watch it.  Now, where can I buy the Carlos Ruiz pillow?  I know at least a dozen people who would be thrilled to sleep with Chooch.

Speaking of Ruiz, he headed off to Panama earlier this week to be with his wife as she gave birth to Carlos Jr. #2.  He also has an 8-year old named Carlos from another relationship.  Congrats to Chooch and family!

Now, there is actually a chance that Philadelphia could have no less than FOUR Carlos Ruiz’s in town all in one day!  There is the original Carlos, baby Carlos, 8-year old Carlos and even soccer Carlos!  Yes, the Philadelphia Union signed the soccer player, also named Carlos Ruiz, last month.

Carlos Ruiz four.jpg

Imagine… Chooch x 4 …nice.


Baseball Ruiz photos by Jenn Zambri Photography; Soccer Ruiz by

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