Phillies Spring Training: 10 Silly Questions & 10 Silly Answers

Just for fun, here are some questions about the Phillies that I have been pondering while waiting for baseball to begin:

Feb 2011 collage.jpg


I hope you enjoyed my little ramblings ;o)



  1. angelsgirl012

    Bahahahaha this list was so fun to read! I love number one, it’s my favorite! I was reading an article and the main picture was the Phillies starting rotation and i was so alarmed because Joe Blanton didn’t look like he belonged there at all!

    What a job eh? I would like Joe Blanton’s job 😛 Roy, Roy 2, Phifer, Cole y’all do the work! 😀

    Sighhh I will forever be jealous of that sparkling rotation. Sure, the season hasn’t started yet but goodness! I can’t get enough. That is a Pitching Powerhouse (aka my biggest dream in a team, besides a great bullpen)

  2. blithescribe

    Too funny! Your Photoshop skills are something else. Say, tip lines tend to turn up a lot of only loosely related information. If you happen to get any tips on the Angels missing bats in the course of your Phillies investigation, could you forward them to the Big A? 😉
    This is a very simple game…

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