Phillies and Dodgers Families Mourn After Senseless Tragedy

4d29504294407_preview-300.jpgTwo baseball families are in mourning today after a
terrible tragedy.  Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords held a  routine voter meet-and-greet in Tucson on Saturday that turned into a blood bath.

A lone-gunman shot 18 people, including Giffords, killing six of them.  Giffords survived, despite being shot in the head.  But one of people killed was 9-year old Christina-Taylor Green, daughter of Dodgers scout John Green and granddaughter of Dallas Green.

Dallas Green currently serves as Senior Advisor to the GM for the Phillies and was the manager of the 1980 World Series Championship team.  This senseless act of violence has sent shock waves from coast to coast as the Green family mourns the loss of this precious child.

Christina-Taylor Green was born into tragedy on September 11, 2001.  She left this world much the same way she entered it, during a heartbreaking catastrophe.  The young third-grader was an aspiring politician who attended the meet-and-greet after being elected to her school student council.

Palin map and names.jpgPolitician
Sarah Palin has drawn much criticism after this shooting due to a map she published earlier in 2010.  The map to the right literally “targets” specific representatives who voted for the Obama health care bill and even includes a countdown at the bottom, “17 more to go!”  Giffords was one of the targets.

Some blame Palin for posting what was surely an extremely distasteful and potentially dangerous message.  But while Palin should be ashamed for using gun targets in this advertisement, the real criminal is the man who held the gun.

If there was ever a case for a public hanging in the modern world, this certainly may qualify.  What kind of seriously damaged human being could bring himself to slaughter innocent people, especially a child?  This tragedy leaves us all with more questions than answers.

My heart breaks for the entire Green family.  They will all be in my thoughts and prayers.


Photo courtesy of the Green Family




  1. Jane Heller

    I was so sorry to read that the little girl was Green’s granddaughter. The whole situation is just so senseless and tragic. I hope Giffords recovers completely and goes back to doimg what she loved best: being a public servant.

  2. rrrt

    It is inexplicable to me how such a promising young life can be cut short by the senseless act of an unhinged individual. She certainly sounds like she was an amazing little girl. What a terrible tragedy for the families of all the victims – my heart goes out to all of them.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. yunghitterz89

    It’s moments like these that make us realize how insignificant everything else in the universe is when compared to the innocence and life of a human-being. She was a beautiful little girl, and she left us way to young, yet we all understand what she meant to her loved ones, and more so, to this nation. I can only hope that her parents can find comfort in her memories and in the well wishes of a nation. A senseless act is the only way we are brought together as a nation, and I for one think that is ridiculous.

    R.I.P TO Christina and to all the people that had their lives shattered when the shooting occured.

    Your article is well thought out and concise. I wrote about the tragedy as well. Hope you can take the time out to read my blog, and comment on it.

    Thank You, and God Bless.

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