MLBlogs Announces 2010 Top Bloggers

MLBlogs has announced the top blogs for the year 2010 and Phillies Phollowers has been ranked #9 out of all Fan MLBlogs for all teams.  In the Beat-Writer category, Todd Zolecki’s Zo Zone ranked #1!  And in the Pro category, Larry Shenk’s Phillies Insider landed at #22 for the year.  Congrats to Larry and Todd for a great year of blogging!

As for myself, landing in the Top Ten is a huge honor.  Out of all the Phillies Fan Blogs on the site, I have had the priveledge of holding the #1 spot for 3 straight years now.  That would not be possible without everyone who has stopped by to read my little rants.

I would like to send out a huge “THANK YOU!” to all of my readers!  I have made many new friends through this site as well.  These amazing people come from all over the world and share my great passion for baseball.

PhotoShop collage.jpgI decided to jot down a few reasons why I blog about the Phillies for your entertainment:

– As a freelance writer and high school English instructor, blogging is a great way to keep your mind fresh and full of new ideas.

– The voices in my head told me to do it.

– I grew tired of yelling, in vain, at the TV set.  This seemed more cathartic.

– I just knew I could make the world a better place both with my photography and photoshopping skills :O)

– This is a nice, safe place to vent when my team decides to suck.  Misery loves company.

– This is a nice, fun place to celebrate when my team doesn’t suck.  Virtual hugs for everyone!

– My Dad doesn’t like baseball.  I am such a rebel.  Also, it proves I must be adopted ;o)

– Simply, to connect and share with other baseball fans!

– Writing is like hiking through the jungle without a destination in mind.  You never know who or what you will meet or where you will end up.  It is the ultimate adventure.  And just like baseball, anything can happen.

Congratulations to all of the MLBloggers who made the Top 100 of 2010!  This takes a lot of time and dedication.  Be proud of all you have accomplished!


Photoshopping by Jenn Zambri Photography

*Read more about the Phillies at my other home page, Phightin’ Phils Phorum in the My Team Rivals network*




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