Victorino Snags Gold

The 2010 Golden Glove awards have been handed out and the lone Phillie on the list was centerfielder Shane Victorino.  In 143 games, Victorino committed only 2 errors and had 11 assists in the outfield.  Catching gold has become a habit for Victorino; this is his third consecutive Gold Glove award.

Victorino catching gold.jpg

As for the rest of the Phillies, the one player who definitely got snubbed is third baseman, Placido Polanco.  Polly had only 5 errors, turned 32 double plays and had 258 assists in 123 games this year.  The player who actually won the award is ex-Phillie Scott Rolen whose stats are also good, but not nearly as good as Polanco.  Rolen played 123 games, committed 8 errors, turned 28 double plays and had 259 assists.  While it is not a huge edge, Polanco’s numbers are better.

Rolen is a great player and this is his 8th Gold Glove award.  But having played the same number of games as Polly, he was not as good.  The remember also that last year, Polanco was a 2nd baseman and had to make the transition to 3rd.  Add to that the elbow injury Polanco endured nearly all year long after getting hit with a pitch and his effort is much more impressive.

In other news, pitcher Jamie Moyer went to play winter ball in the Dominican league after the season ended to try and revive his career.  He suffered an elbow injury after a start and has returned home.  Moyer had an MRI on Tuesday and is awaiting the results.  Moyer thanked fans on his Facebook page saying, “Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and support during this time. I went for an MRI yesterday and will keep you updated on what the outcome is once I hear anything. Have a great week and thanks again!”

We wish Moyer the best and hope he is well soon!

Another thank you goes out today to all veterans who served our country and continue to inspire us all with their bravery and sacrifice.  Happy Veterans Day!


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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