Hero Halladay; Bigoted “Journalist” Bashes Philly Fans

Halladay superman.jpgRoy Halladay
really is Superman.  That is evident after last night’s gutsy, one-legged performance.  With what has been diagnosed as a mild to moderate groin strain, Halladay pitched 6 innings against the Giants, holding them to only 2 runs and leading the Phillies to victory.  Because of Halladay’s heroics, the Fightin’ Phils live to fight another day.

The Phillies say that Halladay is day-to-day and it is unclear how to injury might affect him going forward.  However, that should not be a concern right now because the Phillies have to get to the World Series first before they worry about that.  Some have asked if Halladay could pitch out of the bullpen in a possible Game 7, but if it goes that far, Cole Hamels should have it under control.

Halladay’s teammates were impressed with his courage and determination; many of them, like Placido Polanco, had no idea anything was wrong until after the game.  Polanco was asked about it in a post-game interview and said, “He didn’t tell anybody. So I didn’t know.”  Shane Victorino was aware and said after the game, “After a couple innings I was like, ‘God, this guy is pitching on one leg. Really?’ His velocity wasn’t 92, 93 (mph). It was 89, 90. That shows me what he’s about.”

Hopefully, this act of heroism is what will inspire the team and propel them to their 3rd consecutive World Series.  Game 6 tomorrow!

Bigot Offends Entire City

After Game 3 on Tuesday Bruce Newman, whom I will loosely call a “journalist” for the Mercury News in San Jose, posted an article bashing Philadelphia fans.  He called it “The City of Brotherly Loathe,” claiming that San Francisco fans are classy and Philly fans are basically trash.  He based this on examples like the kid who got tasered, the 40-year old Santa Claus snowball incident and a few interviews in which comments were taken out of context and Phillies fervor was mischaracterized as “shocking behavior.”  He made “booing” seem like a cardinal sin.

Like a grade school bully, Newman even went as far as to poke fun at Philly’s “artery-clogging cheesesteaks,” basically calling Philly fans fat.  By the way, they serve cheesesteaks in San Fran too.  I took this writer to school and sent him a scathing reply to this disgusting, prejudiced piece of trash he wrote.  I will share that with you in a moment. 

By the way, I have not gotten any response, although I know 3 other people who did hear back and Newman’s comments to them were just as rude as the article.  One comment was a sarcastic, “Have a nice winter.”  To another letter by a writer at Crossing Broad, he replied by thanking the person for generating more traffic to his web site and said, “If I thought you had something significant to say, I would have sent a more meaningful response.”

Please also note that I do not wish to have my previously undisclosed comments in the letter below to color anyone’s view of San Francisco.  These were simply real and telling examples for this idiot to illustrate that every city has good and bad fans, good and bad people.  San Fran is a nice town overall, but like all places around the earth, they have their issues as well.  Here is the letter I sent him:

“Mr. Newman,

You should be ashamed of yourself for the article bashing Philadelphia fans.  It was journalistically irresponsible, morally reprehensible and just plain rude.  To see a supposed professional writer characterize an entire city by the actions of a few bad people is truly disgusting. 

There are good fans and bad fans in every sports town.  I do not condone the actions of those who have behaved horribly, but I also do not claim that as a basis for slandering an entire city.  I have been to dozens of stadiums all over America and can tell you, every city has their bad apples.  Let us examine your own beloved San Francisco as an example.

In 2008, a teenage fan killed another fan outside the park after an argument.  Should I then conclude that all Giants fans are murderers?  Let’s take a look at my own personal experiences in San Francisco just last year.  I was walking outside the ball park taking photos of the stadium and surrounding areas while wearing a Phillies jersey.  3 adult male Giants fans in their own team apparel approached me, a solo, middle-aged woman minding her business, and began screaming at me and shouting obscenities about the Phillies.  I ignored them and started to walk away.  They not only followed me, they caught up, surrounded me, got right in my face and continued the intimidation up close.  Many other Giants fans walked past and did nothing to help.  After asking nicely for them to move on, I actually had to shove my way through the group and quickly shuffled into a nearby McDonalds where I waited for them to leave the area.

I certainly did not expect to be accosted in broad daylight with all those other people milling about.  Do I now think that all, or even the majority of, Giants fans are horrible?  No, that would be illogical.  These were 3 jerks trying to frighten a fan of the opposing team.  Did I then post this information on either of the 2 Phillies blogs I write for?  No.  Because it would have been irresponsible for me to portray a city badly based on a few bad people.

I met and spoke to many Giants fans over the course of four games; some were very nice and fun to chat with.  Others were jerks, like the 3 idiots I ran into that day, and did nothing but shout obscenities.   Many knew very little about baseball and about their team, but they were nice people.  However, the scoreboard messages that were allowed to run, in front of the entire stadium crowd during the Phillies series were awful; one of them said, “Utley must die.”  Whichever employee accepted money for that should be embarrassed.

You said in your article, “Giants play in a park named after a company that quietly drops your phone calls; the Phillies play in a park sponsored by a bank that forecloses on people’s homes.”  Seriously?  This sounds like a 3-year old complaining that he did not get the flavor ice cream he wanted.  How about PNC Park, Chase Field, Citi Field, Comerica Park, etc…  By the way, did you know that AT&T regularly hands out personal customer information due to a lack of web security, paving the way to identity theft and ruining entire lives everywhere?  Maybe Citizens Bank had to foreclose on a house due to AT&T identity theft?  Did you also hear about the “secret room” in AT&T’s San Francisco office where they spy on people?  No?  Look it up.

How about, “the intensity level of hate here is probably 30 percent of what it is in Philly.”  Wow…that is some truly stunning scientific evidence there.  I am pretty sure the thousands of homeless San Francisco “residents” that line the sidewalks outside the stadium and all over the city may tilt the “hate” meter a bit.  They have a lot to be angry about.  But hey, you are a real journalist; why deal in facts?  Slander works just fine, right?  Oh sorry, do I sound angry?  Quick, add another percentage of anger to Philly!

san fran bad fans.jpgAnd did you see the photos of the two young 6-7 year old Giants fans wearing Panda head gear and holding signs that said “***** The Phillies?”  No?  I can send you a copy if you like.  But I suppose you probably thought the “Fix Your Teeth” sign was way more biting than seeing small children being taught to use the “F” word.  Classy move, Giants fans.

My point here is simple.  Responsible, professional journalists, and people in general with any common sense whatsoever, do not characterize an entire city based on the actions a small sampling of people.  There are bad people and bad fans in every city, even San Francisco.  Your article was offensive, inaccurate and childish.  You owe the entire city of Philadelphia an apology.  If you don’t think so, then you are just as bad as the idiot who threw up all over that little girl.  Shameful.”

If you feel the same way, please write Mr. Newman and tell him so: bnewman@mercurynews.com  If you get any nasty replies, please forward them to me and I will be happy to post them: Jenn, philliesphollowers@comcast.net

This guy makes a joke out the profession of journalism.  How some people get these jobs is really a mystery.  He has no integrity, no accountability and apparently, no remorse.  Mr. Newman tossed journalistic ethics out the window; he is an embarrassment to real news people everywhere.

On a lighter note, see you at the game tomorrow!  Go Phillies!


  1. giantsgirl24

    I applaud your message here. It may be of little consolation but as much as (you know) I follow the Giants, I’ve never read a word of Newman’s work and for that matter, very little from the Merc in general. Bruce Jenkins and Henry Schulman of the Chron do such an amazing job with the team that few look further… and you might go back and read their take on your argument. I think everyone realizes that with 40-50k at these venues, there will always be a few ‘classless’ fans present.
    -It should be a crime to have such young kids express vulgarity in a fashion that they aren’t even close enough to understand. I mean to ask their kids to express something that they themselves are probably too embarrassed to do… should be illegal. The look of disgust on the face of the fan behind them, says it all.-
    In this age where dozens (if not hundreds) of reporters are trying to get their extra ordinary slant on a story, we all know that many resort to sensational ‘garbage’ to promote their material.
    I was disappointed by the way Timmy was treated in Philly but you are correct that it doesn’t hold a candle to the isolated incidences you site here.
    You might note the praise, I offered regarding Halladay and the incredible year he’s had. At least in this venue (mlb blogs), we seem to have people who love the game (especially the post-season) for what it is… and not view it as a venue for tossing about childish rants.

    btw… The next time you’re in San Francisco (NOT ‘San Fran’!) drop me a line. It would be fun to give you the tour!

  2. giantfan

    Hi Jenn. Like giantsgirl24, I applaud your article. Though I’m I Giants fan, the article by Bruce Newman of the Mercury News was disgusting. I follow Henry Schulman of the S.F. Chronicle and he’s been the best at following the Giants since Bob Stevens a few years back.Two years ago, I was at Citizen’s Bank Park following the Giants on an eastern roadtrip and I didn’t have any problems with the fans whatsoever. I was with a couple of friends on the trip and applauded the Phillies’ fans that were seated around us. Definitely, they are very knowledgable baseball fans. There was one fan that sat next to me that shared stories of the Phillies going back to the 60s with the likes of Jim Bunning, Dick Allen and others. My friends and I left Philadelphia that night enjoying the experience. Wayne – http://giantfan.mlblogs.com

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Lynn – thank you :O) I will certainly let you know next time I am there! And I agree..the forum here is where the REAL fans hang :O)
    Wayne – Very appreciative for the comments :O) And so glad you enjoyed Philly…its a fun place!

  4. devilabrit

    So called reporters living in a boring mediocre world get a stage that can get them noticed and so sensational shock value plays it’s role… Traveled there many times, lived in the bay area for over a year, still hate it…with a passion…doesn’t come close to Philadelphia…


    Phillies Outside

  5. kaiserthegreat

    Never heard of the guy, but it doesn’t sound like journalist in the “just the facts ma’am” sense. I assume he’s writing some sort of column or editorial, in which case I guess he can have whatever opinion he wants. You can to of course, so kudos for you for fighting back. Or is it “phighting?” Never been to Philadelphia or the ballpark there. Haven’t witnessed any incidents at AT&T park, but I’ve never been there as the opposition either. My Meanest Stadiums poll put Phillies at 2nd place after the Yankees, but then I only got 16 responses, so…

  6. mele1953@msn.com

    You go girl! So proud of you and your response letter to that ridiculous article about us Phillies fans! I sent him a piece of my mind too!

  7. mele1953@msn.com

    You go girl! So proud of you and your response letter to that ridiculous article about us Phillies fans! I sent him a piece of my mind too!

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