NLCS Game 1: Disappointment For The Phillies

I feel like I have a hangover, but I did not have anything to drink.  The Phillies 4-3 loss to the Giants last night was the kind of life-sucking let down that leaves you wishing you had stayed in bed.  Where was the big comeback?  Where was the timely hitting?  And more importantly, where was the pitcher’s duel we were promised?  The raucous crowd used all their energy to try and will this team to a victory.  But when Shane Victorino struck out to end the game, all the air went out of the balloon.

Neither Roy Halladay nor Tim Lincecum pitched very well and both were visibly annoyed by the home plate umpire, Derryl Cousins, who had a moving strike zone.  Cousins only called hitters out on strikes twice all night and one of those was Lincecum.  Although, if you count the time he tried to call Jimmy Rollins out when he only had 2 strikes on him, I suppose he went for 3.
101610 PITCHING.jpg  Ex-Phil Pat Burrell was out in the 6th inning on a strike right down the middle, but the idiot in blue didn’t call it, which led to 2 more runs.  Of course, Raul Ibanez probably should have caught this ball that Burrell hit; and there was no need to scale the wall like he did either:

101610 Ibanez.jpg

The Phillies offense had opportunities to score but did not capitalize.  Ryan Howard led off the 2nd inning with a double and then never moved until the inning was over.  In the 3rd, Carlos Ruiz tied the game with a homer.  Halladay then singled and it looked like the Phillies had a real shot at rattling Lincecum.  But then Victorino stepped to the plate and grounded into a double play to kill all the momentum.  Still, Placido Polanco and Chase Utley kept the inning going only to have Howard strike out to end it.

101610 A.jpg

It was that kind of up and down drama that never materialized into runs.  Jayson Werth, the only Phillies batter with 2 hits in the game, nailed a 2-run homer in the 6th to give the Phillies a chance at a comeback.  But despite the defensive efforts and pitching to keep it a 4-3 game, the Phils offense never stepped up and got it done.

101610 B.jpg

For the Giants, Cody Ross was getting it done.  I never liked Ross when he was a Marlin and last night’s game certainly has not changed that as Ross hit not one, but two home runs off Halladay.  In fact, I now believe that Ross is pure evil; the spawn of Satan.  I swear he is the brother of Chucky, the most despicable of all Satanic spawn.  He must be stopped before he steals our souls.  Exorcism, anyone?  Ugh.

Ross chucky2.jpg

By the way, has anyone else noticed that despite Rollins’ claims he is healthy that he looks like he could not hit the broad side of a barn right now?  I hope Charlie Manuel watches film of his at-bats and holds him out of the game if he is not right.  It is the playoffs; they do not have time for Rollins to work his way back.  Love ya Jimmy, but please do not hurt the team by trying to tough it out.

101610 JRoll.jpg

PA163801CU.jpgOne fun note from the game was the whistling and catcalling directed at Lincecum and his long hair.  Some fans shouted that he looked like a girl and then the whistling began, as if being directed at a pretty girl.  Lincecum was asked if he noticed and he said, “I was thinking I must have a really nice butt.”  Sorry Timmy, you actually have no butt at all.  I have photographic evidence.

And here is the full Photo Album from the game, which includes pre-game ceremonies, a shot of VP Joe Biden in the crowd and some Phanatic fun to cheer you up.

So tonight the Phillies will lean on Roy Oswalt to get a win.  They will also try to do something they have never done before; hit Jonathan Sanchez.  Cross your fingers…game time is 8:00pm.


Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography

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  1. redpinstripes

    I also feel hungover, however I had pre game wine and managed to sneak a bottle in. I haven’t drank since July but decided since it was so cold that I would continue my postseason tradition of a fine Italian Pinot Grigio. I’m not truly hungover. I’m sad. I’m achy from the tempature and pre game winds. I will spend the day on the couch under my blankie rewatching the game.

    Of course you knew that it would not be a pitching duel as it was so overhyped. I asked my date prior to the game who he thought the star of the game would be. His knee-jerk response was Shane but he settled on a Ross Gload pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth. Freaking close sans the hit. I chose Chooch and was thrilled when he hit his homer. I Gloaded on that for several innings.
    I thought that we would win because Doc got a hit. Whenever he got a hit in the regular season, the Phillies won. Oh well, I guess that’s why postseason stats are different.

    Later in the game, I took a stroll though Ashburn Alley to get some crabfries. *Bull’s Turkey Sandwich is excellent with Pinot Grigio. These lovely young army girls complimented me on my cap. I complimented them on theirs. They were on the field, holding the flag. They were very sweet and excited to be here. They’re local girls who served in Afganistan. That was the highlight of the night for me. They were the stars of the game. They were typical twenty somethings and when telling me about their service, acted as if it was nothing. They were very kind to me and made me feel a sort of maternal pride. Great young women. Great Phillies Phans. Great Americans.

    Loved the wedding photos. You looked beautiful. Loved the hair.

  2. barbward

    Who knows why the Phils came out flat last night? There could be a lot of reasons why. Bottom line, I’ve never known this team to lay down and let another team roll all over them. I expect them to come back tonight fighting as they’ve always done. You do have a very valid point about Rollins. Manuel should alternate between Valdez and Rollins in this series. It is too important to let Jimmy flounder. Here’s to a great game tonight. Barb

  3. giantsgirl24

    Jen, I also feel hung over because… well?… I am ;~)
    With all of the time we had all week to get amped up… followed by the seemingly endless hoopla from the press, I was pulling my hair out by the time it was over.
    After Werth’s HR my nerves were shot and then when Wilson hit Ruiz (barely touched him) in the 9th, I was certain Gload or Victorino were going to ruin my hopes…
    Big sigh… Hey, at least it wasn’t Burrell that hurt you.
    Great game. Can’t wait for tonight’s!
    And btw… You are doing an awesome job here!
    Go Giants!!

  4. devilabrit

    I like the comparison to Chucky you did with Ross, have you listened to his post game interview, he has always looked strange to me, and now that beard is a little weird, but his voice, well I have to say he’s probably in the right city now…

    Lets hope they come out looking like they want to win, instead of looking for ways to lose….

    great pics again Jenn, they always make me really miss Philadelphia…


  5. crzblue2

    When I read Derryl Cousins was the home plate umpire, I said “Oh boy.”
    I can’t believe the 8th guy (Cody Ross) hit two homeruns off Halladay! He was picked up off waivers to block the Padres from having him. Is really too bad he was the odd man out when he was with the Dodgers.
    You take amazing pictures!
    Well, good luck tonight!

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