A Let Down Loss After 11 Straight Wins

Needing only two wins and/or Braves losses to clinch the NL East, the Phillies came out a bit sluggish in tonight’s game against the Mets.  Ryan Howard smashed a 2-run homer in the 1st after a Chase Utley single, but after that, not much happened for the offense.

And while Kyle Kendrick did a good job through 6 scoreless innings, he was left in the game too long.  The hits started coming for the Mets as Kendrick got tired in the 7th.  A mix-up between Utley and Wilson Valdez on a possible double play cost them an out.  Then an error by Howard at first loaded the bases with one out.  The next batter singled home a run and Kendrick was finally pulled.

Chad Durbin was put in with the bases still loaded in relief of Kendrick.  As soon as I saw who was coming in, I knew exactly what would happen next…some sort of bases clearing hit. 
Thumbnail image for P8248770 Durbin.jpg
How did I know this?  The same way the Phillies coaching staff should have known this; Durbin does it all the time with inherited runners.  Take a look at the stats for Durbin coming into tonight’s game:



Bases empty


Runners on base




RISP w/2 outs



Notice a trend here?  The tighter the situation, the more runs Durbin allows.  And I knew that before looking up the stats.  Dear Phillies, please STOP putting Durbin in with runners on base!  I still love ya, Chad, but clearly, this is not your forte.

So 3 earned runs plus one unearned were charged to Kendrick and Durbin picked up one earned for himself.  The offense did not bother to pick up their teammates today and they lost by a score of 5-2. 

A win would have ensured a playoff spot.  Of course, they can still take care of that tomorrow.  What will not be as easy now is clinching the division at home.  Tomorrow is the last home game for the Phillies and they will need a win plus a Braves loss to clinch.  It could happen.  But it is a lot less likely now that they lost tonight.

I will be at the game tomorrow with all my fingers and toes crossed for an NL East celebration.  Either way, I will be back with photos.  Game time is 1:35pm and Cole Hamels will pitch.


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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