I Want A Hug From Mike Sweeney

Who doesn’t want a hug from Mike Sweeney?  The man is a giant teddy bear.  Well, whether you wanted one or not, if you are within arms reach of Sweeney, odds are that you are getting a hug. 
Sweeney rollins.jpg
In honor of Sweeney’s man-hugginess, I have created a Facebook page in his honor.  Join “I Want A Hug From Mike Sweeney” by clicking on the “LIKE” button on the page.

Feel free to share your own Sweeney photos and/or thoughts there.  It is a community page open to all Facebook members.  There were several pages made in dedication to Jayson Werth’s Beard earlier in the year so I felt it was only fair to honor the super sweet Sweeney and his raw, positive emotions.  I will be including photos, quotations, video and anything else I can dream up on the page.

Sweeney is one of a kind; Phillies fans are overjoyed to see a player with such a great attitude and enormous enthusiasm for this team, his teammates and the city of Philadelphia.  We love all our players, of course, but this guy is unique and brings a special spark to the clubhouse.  Check out the post-game interview after last night’s win:


And here is the radio interview as well:



All about the positive energy, Sweeney is not afraid to share the love.  Cheers to Mr. Sweeney for inspiring us all and for letting us know that real men hug.  :O) 


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