Phillies Get A Knuckle Sandwich On Friday The 13th

Last Sunday, the Phillies handled the Mets knuckleballer, RA Dickey, scoring 4 runs.  But tonight, Friday the 13th, the Phillies went hitless through 5 innings. 
Jason Mets.jpg
Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels had to break up the no-hitter himself in the 6th inning with a single, since none of his teammates were helping out. 

Hamels certainly had a very strange night.  In the 4th inning, he was hit in the leg with a line drive but appears to be okay.  The next inning, Mike Hessman hit a long fly ball to left field that was called a home run.  Raul Ibanez jumped up and down trying to signal to the umpire that a fan reached over the wall and interfered.  Upon review, the homer was retracted but Hessman was awarded third base.  This is guy who does not run well and the ball dropped close to Ibanez.  How exactly the ump determined he would have had a triple is beyond me.

But it did not matter anyway; Hamels struck out the next 2 batters and got Dickey to ground out to end the inning.  So the Mets left a runner on third with no outs thanks to the effort by Hamels.  Then in the 6th inning, Hamels had two quick outs when David Wright hit a long fly ball to center.  Shane Victorino misjudged the ball and it bounced over his head for a double.  The inning should have been over; instead, the Mets scored a run after Carlos Beltran doubled next.

Through 8 innings, Hamels only allowed that one run while striking out 8 batters.  He was spectacular. 
5 Game Action (20).jpg
The offense, on the other hand, was not so spectacular.  By the 8th, they still had only ONE hit off Dickey; the single by Hamels.  This poor guy has gotten NO support from the offense all year long.

The 9th inning was no different; Dickey pitched a one hit shut-out with the only hit allowed coming from the opposing pitcher.  The Phillies are now scoreless at Citi Field for 36 straight innings.  It was also their 10th time being shut-out this year.  Disgusting.

The Phillies will attempt to score a run again tomorrow; game time is 7:10pm.


Dickey photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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One comment

  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    In a AAA game in April, he gave up a lead-off hit then retired the next 27 batters for an imperfect game. R.A. Dickey was born like Aphrodite or something. I’m not giving Omar props for getting pure lucky finding this guy out of the ether. But Dickey sure did make things icky for them last night. See ya at game 2.

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