Phillies Follies

Howard_Seuss.jpgThe Phillies have played so badly this past week, during last night’s game, I found myself quivering in a corner reciting Dr. Seuss poems while clawing at the walls.  I do not like green eggs and ham; I do not like when out hitters get jammed.  I am not happy when Howard strikes out; Not scoring runs makes me want to shout!

Find me a white padded room, please.  This could get ugly…

The Phillies have scored just 3 runs in their last 36 innings played, all of which came in one game.  The second straight shut-out against the Mets puts them into a 4 game losing streak.  Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that when Jimmy Rollins went back on the DL, the bottom fell out?

While Rollins does propel this team in many ways, missing one player should not be shutting them down.  Their bats, however, do seem to be weighing them down.  Every Phillies hitter, except for maybe Placido Polanco, looks like they are swinging 30-foot telephone poles instead of bats.

And the line-up last night did not help.  Carlos Ruiz sat due to a shoulder strain and Brian Schneider in his place, could not seems to throw out any runners.  He even dropped a ball while trying to make the transfer from glove to hand to attempt a pick-off.  The rest of the defense looked sleepy as well, like everyone was moving in slow motion.

But with Ruiz down, why then does manager Charlie Manuel choose to sit two other starters?  Both Raul Ibanez and Juan Castro, J-Roll’s back-up, were given days off, not for injury, but for rest.  So, three starters were on the bench while the Phillies went down 0-5 to the Mets.  Not good timing, if you ask me.

And speaking of managerial decisions, has no one else noticed that Joe Blanton can still only make it through 5 innings of fairly clean pitching?  He has given up tons of runs in the 6th innings of games pretty consistently so far this year.  He is behind schedule due to being on the DL at the start of the season.  And so for at least the third time, I ask WHY is he still being pushed when he does not appear ready to go past 5 innings?  Should he be ready by now?  Probably.  Only the Phillies coaching staff can figure this one out and they need to before his next start.

The Phillies have one more shot at the Mets and seriously need to avoid getting swept.  Cole Hamels will need to pitch a good game and someone had better put those telephone poles away and give the Phillies back their bats.  Game time is 7:10pm.

And if the game sucks again, why not log-on and VOTE for the Phillies All-Stars?  Assuming they will snap out the funk at some point, many of them deserve a spot on the roster :O)  Vote up to 25 times a day, per email address.



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