Phillies Phestival 2010

The Phillies held their annual ALS Charity Phestival today which was attended by a huge sold-out crowd. 
Halladay PB.jpg
All of the players, coaches and broadcasters were there to sign autographs, mingle with fans and a few took photos with fans as well.   The Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay photo booths were very popular.  Halladay was especially friendly, signing extra autographs for fans even though the photo came with his signature.

The staff did a great job handling the large crowd and things ran smoothly.  It took less than 1/2 an hour for me to get through the Chase Utley line, which was a small miracle.  Here is Utley plus Raul Ibanez, Chad Durbin, Jose Contreras, Ross Gload, and the 2009 NL Champs and 2008 World Series Trophy’s:

Phestival 2010.jpgThe players were in good spirits and with a little help, I walked out with 21 autographs, plus some nice goodies in the grab bags I bought.  In the bags, I wound up with an Ibanez signed hat, a Brad Lidge signed ball, some bobbleheads and a ball signed by the entire broadcasting team.  Not too shabby.

DSCF6301.JPGI also met some very interesting people, like Bryan, who is a Cole Hamels look-alike.  He did eventually get a photo with Cole and hopefully, he will be emailing me a copy so I can share it with everyone.  This photo here does not do justice to the resemblence, which is amazing.   Every person who walked by him said, “Is that Cole Hamels?”  Bryan may be changing his name to “Cole” soon ;0)

Another thing I thought was very nice was seeing ALL of the players there to support the charity, even those on the DL.  Players not on the active roster can technically bail out on the event, as some have in years past.  But Jimmy Rollins, Brad Lidge, JA Happ and Ryan Madson were all there.  Kudos to these guys for their dedication!

By the way, back-up catcher Brian Schneider was also there as he has been taken off the DL and Paul Hoover was designated for assignment.

Here is the full Photo Album from the day.  By the way, congratulations to the Philadelphia Flyers!  They are on their way to the Stanley Cup finals!  Go Philly!


Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography

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  1. lunastrixae

    WOW! How did you get through the lines so fast!!! I waited in Ryan’s line for 1 hour 15 minutes! I had just enough time to get Jamie and Roy’s booth.

    Wasn’t Doc a total doll? He patted the guest seat, threw his arm around me and chatted it up. I didn’t expect it from Mr. Intense. He was even letting fans sneak in for autographs.

    The grab bags were great, I got a authentic Williams jersey! It was a size 52, so I have a Wild Thing dress!

    The only bummer is that Dobbs had really aggressive handlers. They turned me away with ten minutes to spare and only 4 fans in line for his booth. I’d never dream of holding them up, but other players stayed right up to 8:00 and after. I’ll get my foul ball signed some day…

  2. phillies_phollowers

    Sad about Dobbs – some ushers were great, others a bit too intense. And yeah, Halladay was SO nice…I got the same treatment. And he’s has the nicest smile…it was a really nice treat to talk to him.
    As for the lines, I skipped Howard which made the whole day go quick. I got in the Utley line as soon as the gates opened and then the others went pretty fast after that as I did not need any of the more popular players like Werth & Victorino, who I have like 20 auto’s from. My husband got some for me too…always enlist help ;o) Plus, we got into a lot of lines with cash at the end like Durbin, Gload, Francisco, etc…the B-players who looked bored :O) I paid cash for the Halladay booth too as his line dwindled down. It was lots of fun :O)

  3. rrrt

    OK, I’m very jealous of lunastrixae – we *never* get stuff like jerseys in our grab bags. The kids each got bobbleheads, which they were cool with, so when I stopped on our way out, I was hoping for one too. The first bag had a ball in it, and as it wasn’t busy by now, I asked the guy if I could make sure it wasn’t somebody I’d already gotten at one of the booths. Sure enough, it was signed by Mick Billmeyer, whose line I’d gone through (though I didn’t have him sign a ball). The next one was Sam Perlozzo. I said to the guy “Bobbleheads are good” so he got a bag with a box in it for me (Roy Halladay bobble). Got some good pix of the players whose booths I could get to, hope to get a post up tonight or tomorrow.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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