Stars Align For Halladay Bobblehead Day

With the rainout on Wednesday night, the pitching rotation is now set-up so that Roy Halladay will actually pitch on the same day his Bobblehead figurine will be handed out to fans at Citizens Bank Park.  On Tuesday, May 18th, we will get a double treat; the bobblehead and some great pitching :O) 


So while Halladay’s Denver homecoming was spoiled by a loss to the Rockies during Wednesday’s day game, maybe the baseball Gods have decided to make up for it.  This could be a really fun game.  Remember in 2008 when Shane Victorino hit a walk-off home run on his bobblehead day?  While I don’t think Halladay will hit any homers, the crowd should be really excited and create some positive energy.


In the spirit of bobblehead day miracles, I have re-outfitted Halladay’s figurine a few different ways.  First, we have the Victorino-inspired look, HulaHalladay followed by Super-Halladay and HalladAngel:

Halladay bobbles.jpg 

So while we have Halladay to look forward to on Tuesday, we also have Brad Lidge to stress-out about, maybe for the rest of the year.  Lidge had an MRI on his sore elbow and it did not show any structural damage, but did reveal inflammation in the lining of his elbow joint.  The area where he had the surgery appears to be healing just fine.  That is the extent of what the Phillies have said about it.


On the surface, this seems like good news.  What I can tell you from own experience is that this condition is called “synovitis.”  The most common cause is some form of arthritis.  Treatment usually consists of anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone injections and sometimes surgery to remove the inflamed lining.  The problem with this type of issue is that it is usually persistent and generally only gets better with rest and treatment.


He may feel better in a few days, pitch again, and have the exact same issue come right back.  It can be managed, but in my opinion, this may be a sign that Lidge will not be very effective in 2010, if at all.  Keep in mind, the Phillies are not saying this, I am.  And because I am not a doctor, I could be way off base here.  But based on my experience with the exact same issue, I know how painful it can be.


So should Phillies fans be in full-scale panic mode?  Maybe not; but Ruben Amaro Jr. had better be weighing his options and looking for bullpen help.


Photoshopping by Jenn


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  1. devilabrit

    So just a note to Jeff, you just opened yourself up to all sorts of ridicule….

    Lidge should go back on the DL and we should understand that his need for an excuse come blown save time is all this is, he needs to go move from closing to 6th or 7th inning guy now and be done with it…

    Phillies Outside

  2. angelsgirl012

    I really want a Doc bobblehead! He’s my fav player 🙂 I’m happy that he is doing so well in his new team and that he is loved :D.

    Take him on a ride to postseason will ya? He sure is deserving of it 😀

    I agree with Jane on the Super Halladay. That’s the best one for sure. Although I like the hula one too heh heh heh.

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