Moyer Makes History

The age-defying miracle that is Jamie Moyer never ceases to amaze.  Tonight, with a 7-0 win over the Braves, Moyer became the oldest pitcher in history to throw a complete game shut-out.  Not only that, but he did not walk a single batter and gave up only 2 hits.  That is a miniscule 2 hits away from a perfect game.  Unbelievable.

P4211377 Moyer.jpgThis is truly history being made right before our eyes; it is something we may never see again.  A 47-year old man defies the laws of time.  The last time Moyer threw a 2-hit shut-out was in 1986, 24 years ago.  In his final at-bat in the 8th inning, the crowd went wild as Moyer kept fouling pitches off and worked an 11-pitch at-bat.  As if the pitching were not impressive enough, Moyer shows everyone he is a class act and a true professional.

As for the offense, Jayson Werth continues to maul opposing pitchers, launching a 3-run shot into the left field seats in the 3rd inning.  Raul Ibanez appears to have slipped the slump and went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI.  Wilson Valdez collected the last 2 RBI to make up for hitting into a double play earlier in the game with 2 men on base.  7 out of 8 starting position players had a hit and Chase Utley was on base all 4 times he batted with 2 hits and 2 walks.

The Phillies will take this 4-game win streak into tomorrow afternoon’s game.  Joe Blanton will make his 2nd start of the year; game time is 3:10pm.  But before you check out the game, stop by the 30th Street Station for National Train Day where you can get autographs from former Phillies, Dallas Green and Gary Matthews.

Go Phillies!


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography


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  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Even I’ll admit the back of his baseball card looks really cool!
    He is defying time indeed. And we know how Time embellishes sometimes. So, Moyer is probably going to be viewed even better after a few years of retirement. Is he a modern day Jim Kaat?
    Peter~ nice to have Blanton back..huh?

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    BTW, if you didn’t catch the follow-up….I thought that was a great piece of information you shared with me family wise the other day.!!

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Peter – I know…that would be SO awesome. And the Braves are totally sucking right now so this could be the right time :O)
    Todd – I hope you do get to see him; it is fascinating to watch.
    Mike – I did see that…thank you :O) I have a bunch of odd baseball player connections…like my sister-in-law is friends with Bonds…but generally, people don’t like to hear about him…LOL Oh well, can’t please everyone… ;o)

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