Hittable Halladay

It’s official; Roy Halladay can be hit.  The Giants became the first team of 2010 to get to Halladay last night when they won the first of a three-game series with the Phillies by a score of 1-5.  We already knew that Halladay is human, so perfection cannot be expected from him every time out. 

1-warm_ups_(38).jpgBesides, he was just trying to fit in with the rest of the Phillies starters, right?  5 runs per game has been the norm around here.  Take a look at the current rotations ERA:












With JA Happ and Joe Blanton on the DL, things have only been getting worse.  But there is no reason for Halladay to hang his head; we all have a bad day sometimes and he has been the only consistent member of the pitching staff so far this year.

The players who should be hanging their heads are those in this suddenly sleepy offense.  The only bat that showed up last night was Shane Victorino, who had 3 hits.  The only other player to get a hit was Placido Polanco.  But the offense did have plenty of opportunities, especially after collecting 7 walks plus Chase Utley was hit by a pitch.  That was 8 free base runners.  In total, they left 11 men on base. 

Ben Francisco, who judging by his name should have felt quite comfortable in San Francisco, did the most damage; he left the bases loaded twice.  Of course, starter Jayson Werth did him no favors either by striking out in front of Francisco twice.  All these base runners and only 1 run scored?  Home plate was a very lonely place last night.

att park and base.jpg

There are very few positives to take out of a game like this.  All we can do is hope that they recover and pound the crap out of Giants pitcher Todd Wellemeyer tonight.  Wellemeyer is 0-3 on the year with an 8.16 ERA.  Frankly, if they do not jump all over this guy, the Phillies should be ashamed.

So, if you can stay awake for this one, game time is 10:10pm again.  Jamie Moyer will start for the Phillies.  Cross your fingers…


Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography


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One comment

  1. devilabrit

    It seems we are in that area of April where all aspects of the team slump, if it hadn’t been for Victorino we probably wouldn’t have hit in game 1 against the Giants and last night it seemed like nobody could hit and when they did, they weren’t synchronized to hit in the same inning, 9 hits in 2 games, thats not good, I hope they can back-up Hamels so we don’t have to suffer a sweep in San Fran…

    Phillies Outside

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