Missing Harry

As I began walking out of Citizen’s Bank Park after yesterday’s win, the familiar sound of Harry Kalas’ voice broke into “High Hopes.”  Fans sung along as they wandered towards the exits, high fiving other fans as they went.  Then I remembered; Tuesday would be one year since we lost Harry.

One year ago today I was at the game in DC, staring up at the press box when I heard the news.  Hard to believe he was gone; still hard to believe one year later.  Jenn & Harry.jpgIf you are a Phillies fan, Harry was your friend, whether you had met him or not.  He loved each one of us.  Those of us who knew Harry personally feel privileged have to been able to spend time with him and will never forget those special moments.

Earlier today, I remembered a few years back when another fan approached Harry and told him it was her birthday.  Without skipping a beat, he asked what her name was and then broke into song with, “Happy Birthday.”  That is the kind of giving person he was and why he will always be missed.




…In case you missed it earlier, here is the full Photo Album of the Home Opener yesterday.


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