UnbeLEEvable Early Christmas Halladay For The Phillies?

It appears the Phillies are going to land Roy Halladay.  However, in an unbeLEEvable twist, it is said that Cliff Lee will be shipped to the Seattle Mariners as part of a 3-team deal.  Shock and awe have overcome me….Cliff Lee??? 
P8195298 Lee.jpg
Really???  Our ACE miracle pick-up of 2009 traded away?  A few acronyms come to mind here; mainly OMG and WTF.

Ok, so apparently Lee is dead-set on testing the free agent market after 2010 and Halladay is agreeable to a multi-year deal; plus, Halladay really wants to come to Philly.  The Phillies are looking to keep the core of this team intact for at least 2 more years and I suppose, with Lee not being a possibility past 1 year, they feel he is disposable.  But we would be basically trading and ace for an ace instead of keeping TWO aces.  Ugh.

Halladay may be a slightly better pitcher than Lee, but he has also pitched nearly twice as many innings as Lee at almost the same age.  Halladay is 1 year and 3 months older and has pitched 2046.2 innings; Lee has pitched 1196.2 innings. 

Also take into consideration that Lee was amazing in the playoffs and is super steady mentally.  He may be one of the calmest players under pressure anyone has ever seen.  Halladay on the other hand was rattled in July and August over the trade rumors and it affected his performance.  This does not mean Lee is better than Halladay; clearly the numbers show otherwise.  However, Lee has advantages that Halladay does not.  The innings pitched and Halladay’s age (he will be 33 in May) are causes for concern in signing a long-term deal.

If there is any way possible to keep both pitchers, it should be done.  The Phillies with both Lee and Halladay may be unstoppable.  In fact, for only 2-3 million more, the Phils could trade Joe Blanton instead of Lee.  Why would they NOT do this?  But the money is the big issue, as it usually is; even a mere couple million apparently is too much for them to handle.  I can tell you this; teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, a few of MLB’s richest teams, would not have to make such a decision.  They would keep both players without question.  And that is what makes this idea hard to swallow.

Not that the Phillies are poor; they ranked 7th in payroll for 2009.  But a lot of money is tied up in big name players like Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.  The window for this group of players to score another World Championship is probably about two years.  With that being the case, I would like to see the Phillies throw everything and the kitchen sink at this 2010 team.  But the kitchen sink is Lee, and it looks like he will be gone.

Do not get me wrong, I will be thrilled to have Halladay.  But the price does seem a bit steep, which puts a damper on the celebration.  And now what about the bullpen?  Is there money left to fix that gaping hole?  That is the other thought that worries me.  It will not matter how good the rotation is if the pen blows games, like they did a lot in 2009.  That solution or lack thereof is yet to be determined.

And on top of all this, it is also rumored that the Phillies top pitching prospect, Kyle Drabek, will be sent to the Jays.  This is the player the Jays have been asking for since last July.  So tell me, WHY exactly would the Phillies wait until we LOSE the World Series to give up Drabek when we could have had Halladay in July had they traded him then??  This makes me very, very, very angry.  Of course, we do not know the details of the deal yet, but usually, where there is smoke, there is fire.

And so we all wait with bated breath for the decision to come down from above…

Photo by Jenn


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  1. thefreak

    I am a Yankee fan so I don’t see the Phils play a whole lot. But trading away the only guy to win in the world series seems ridiculous. So what if he’s going to test teh free agent market. You’re team is set for NOW, NOT tomorrow.

    I don’t get it. But one thing is that you will love Halladay on your staff. He’s a great pitcher. And the team will take advantage of the fact that the national leaugue isn’t use to seeing him. So he should tear it up for you.


  2. johnpp

    Trading Joe Blanton instead of Cliff Lee isn’t a possibility. The Mariners feel like the Angels grasp on the AL west might be slipping this year, with the departure of Chone Figgins and John Lackey. With that in mind, they are trying to build a team capable of at least winning that division.

    So in this deal, the Mariners are shipping some good prospects out and are getting an ace. If they were getting Joe Blanton instead, the quality of prospects they would give up would be far less, so much so that it wouldn’t be enough to get Halladay away from Toronto, and there wouldn’t be a deal.

    If it was between having Halladay and Lee and spending only 4m~ more, they would do that in a heartbeat.

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Mike – I agree. I don’t get it either.
    Jeff – If that is how it works out, I’d be happy; but right now they are saying we will lose Drabek, who is our #1 pitching prospect and possible a few others. Makes me a little sad :O(
    Chris – I have never said the Yanks bought anything…in fact, the Yanks are my 2nd fav. team. And if we are giving up Lee, we are not buying anything. Get your facts straight.
    John – That is probably true, but still disappointing. The Drabek thing just irks me. Of course, all the waiting to find out irks me more! ;o)

  4. Jane Heller

    I understand your shock and awe, Jenn. And I get the economic reasons why the Phillies dealt Lee. But the guy won two WS games! He was your total ace! I’ll never forget that pop up he caught on the mound with his eyes practically closed. He’s the coolest cucumber I’ve ever seen. That said, Halladay is a prize and I know you’ll love having him front your staff. I’m just glad he’s in the NL now and the Yanks won’t have to face him on a regular basis.


  5. thepitchersduel

    I just wish I could understand this move. I want to accept Halladay into our team, really I do, but I don’t want to see Lee go. Lee is what put me on the edge of my seat again. Lee was the guy who brought fire to our lackluster 2009 rotation. Lee was the guy to win our only two World Series games. Thankfully Happ won’t be going, because if he’s going then I’m going to need a year away. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, I just hope Halladay is all were expecting him to be, and I wish Lee the best. Good luck Seattle.


  6. brucepittman80@msn.com

    halladay is the best sp in baseball and pitched in the strongest divison in baseball. He will pitch atleast 7 strong every game and will go 9 more than any other sp in baseball you should consider your selfs lucky to get him you’ll see soon enough you’ll forget all about lee.

  7. ashbo

    Phils fans I congratulate you on getting Halladay! I understand your sentiment towards Lee, I really do.. and he won you those two WS games.. too bad he has to go. Being in the NL should be a treat. By numbers, he shouldn’t take a back seat to Lee. He’s been in the mix for the Cy 5 or 6 times with proven numbers in the AL EAST. Halladay has been amazing here in T.O.. I can imagine what he could do for a better offense like yours. ^^Above me is right, soon you’ll forget all about Lee. You got Halladay under contract too, and to me it looks like he took a cut. It’s a good deal. We’re trading away part of our franchise, and our best player in years. We needed the prospects.

    Oh, the Yanks fan at the top. Buying a championship is when you go out and sign 2 proven free agents, and an opt-out agent for more than 400 million dollars combined. Disgusting. The Phils traded for Halladay, and yes had to give up Lee and prospects to do it. Don’t compare your team here. Your comment makes no sense.

  8. yankeepunk3000

    R U KIDDING ME!!! SLIGHTLY BETTER?????? HOW ABOUT HALLADAY BEING TH MOST DOMINANT PITCHER IN MLB!!! Ok look you dont seem to get the big pitcher girl, now you have hallady for 4 years, Lee wants Sabathia money and Phils dont have the cash to give him what he wants! how can you say Haladay is only slightly better, Lee has only been come around these past 2 years and yet Halladay has pitched dominant for 15 years!!!! he has pitched in the toughest division and has beating the tougherst teams in baseball. He has dominated agaisnt the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles, Tigers, White Sox and now he has a chance to play against the Nats, Marlins, Padres, Giants, Dodgers, Mets, He will take the Phils to the promise land and you’re complaining! you’re a morinice fool!

  9. yankeepunk3000

    OH ONE MORE THING! YOU SAID IT AFFECTED HALLADAYS PERFORMANCE! BY GETTING RATTLED YOU MEAN HAVING 3 COMPLETE GAMES AFTER AUGUST!!!! AND FINISHING WITH AN ERA LOWER THEN 2.73??????? WHILE LEE FINISHED WITH A 3.43 AND WAS SHAKY BY THE END!!!! oh god sorry gal but get your stuff straight, I just get angry when you dont see the gem you got, SEROUSLY Watch some Roy halladay games and see how great he is, you idiotic fool

  10. phillies_phollowers

    Mr. Punk – It is about more than just stats. To claim otherwise is ignorance. And you cannot argue that both pitchers would not be better than just one. No one disputes Halladay’s greatness and we are thrilled to have him, as I already said. The disappointment lies in what could have been had the Phils had the payroll of say, the Yankees. Tell me you would not have been upset if you got Halladay and had to give up CC Sabathia in return, as an example. CC finished with a 3.37 ERA, in case you wondering. By the way, love your pen name…fitting.

  11. yankeepunk3000

    why would I be wondering i watched everygame Sabathia pitched. And ofcourse the logic of it would be you want two but the Phils CAN NOT sign him, he already stated that he wants C.C. type money, and they cant give it to him apologize for my comments but come on! he’s the greatest pitcher in the game right now, and yea it would be hard but if the Yankees did it I would understand, Im not one to say what they do since I dont pay their bills, besides Sabathia has pitched well all his carreer, Lee strugled for years, 3 times he had an ERA over 5 and has been sent back and forth to triple A. Dont hate the deal god! I mean Halladay is the greatest, he beat the Yanks everytime I saw him. i know how great he is because ive followed his carreer, im guessing you have not, so i will give you the benefit of the doubt

  12. brattprince

    Why is it that everytime you see comments in bold and exclamation points and someone calling someone a moron or idiot its a yankee fan shooting off their ill informed and ridiculous opinions. The Phillies have forever been known to make idiotic trades and releases (Ryne Sandberg, Vida Blue, 5 prospects for Von hayes) Roy Halladay is a great pitcher but to say that he is the greatest pitcher in the game is a stretch when the names Lincecum and verlander come to mind. Giving up Lee is one thing but to now after the World Series give up a pitching prospect of Drabek’s age and talent when if it was to be done should have been done in July! Of course Yankee fans are happy that Halladay is out of the american league! Yankeepunk is making statements like Halladay is another Sandy Koufax. The smart move would have been to keep Lee because no one else would have traded for Halladay and then try and sign him next year as a free agent without giving up so much young talent. The only Phillie that should be leaving Philadelphia is Charlie Manuel. He is when the words moron and idiot come to my mind! I have never seen decisions in coaching as ridiculous as that man has shown and now its rubbing off On GM Reuben Amaro. I am ashamed to be a Phillies fan right now, the only thing that could be worse would be being a Yankee fan and knowing that my Championships are bought not won!

  13. yankeepunk3000

    OK Yankee fans?? don’t hate the 27 championships just because u have won 2 in this century, and yea I said decade because Lincecum hasn’t played more then 2 years??? makes sense man? and to say you’re ashamed to be a Phillie fan because they brought in the best pitcher this decade (Watch MLB Network or To make it easier on you just look at his statistics). Ridiculous Opinion??? I know my facts and I know logic too. and no i am not happy he left. what kind of non sense is that? Everytime he beat us I tipped my hat Because the way he dominates such a powerful line-up is simply amazing. Im a baseball fan first and I know my reasoning and facts, mabye you should get your head out of the grass and be GREATFUL that Roy wants to play for a fan base that aparently would boo an MVP (Rollens don’t forget that little detail) He diserves better then you fans. and believe me next year If Halladay did become a free agent I can bet my life he would be wearing Yankee Pinstripes or Boston Red. Teams that can pay him what he should be earning and give him the respect he deserves. Managment did an amazing job in getting this guy, and all you can do is whine??? because of Lee? A guy who said he doesnt want to come back to Philie? Ya Your right! My opnions are soooo rediculous!

  14. headder29

    I’m not a yankee fan shooting my mouth off, but ARE YOU FU.KIN KIDDING ME, YOU GUYS JUST GOT THE BEST PITCHER IN BASEBALL OVER THE PAST 6+ YEARS. YOU GOT WHAT AMOUNTS TO THE PROSPECTS YOU GAVE AWAY (- THE TOMMY JOHN SURGERY) FROM THE M’s, + 6MIL AND YOUR SAYING YOU GAVE UP TOO MUCH. You may not know the guys your getting back, but they are in the same class as the ones you just gave up… Drabek pitched at A/AA last year if he is win you the world series it would not have been in the next 4 years that is for sure, with ROY (THE BEST PITCHER IN BASEBALL…..see ALL SPORTSCASTERS, BASEBALL WRITERS etc..) HALLADAY YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN WITH YOUR CORE GROUP OF PLAYERS B4 YOU NEED TO START OFF LOADING SALARIES….. As a BLUE JAYS FAN it pains me to see him leave but if all PHILLIES FANS and the AMERICAN PRESS keep saying they gave up too much we will gladly take him back and you can fight with the Yankees, RedSox, Angels fight for him at the end of the season….

  15. phillies_phollowers

    Headder29 – Since you like looking up stats, look up this: The Phillies are sending 3 of their top 4 prospects (according to Baseball America) to the Jays. Jays fans should be thrilled. And Lee is a solid #1. Again, NO ONE disputes how great Halladay is….did you even read my blog? All I am saying is we should have kept Lee to make a real run at 2010….one man does not a team make. And the Phils made a mistake by not getting Halladay sooner…should have had him in July if we were going to give up the same prospects anyhow. Are you seriously going to argue that? Good luck.

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