Holiday Sale 2009

The Phillies held their annual Holiday Sale this weekend at the ballpark and as usual, it was an interesting event.  Phillies Charities holds the event each year, selling game-used merchandise, autographed items, left over programs and books, photos, etc…  Although, this year was not nearly as crowded as last year because of the World Series loss. 

This means less money for Phillies Charities, which is sad.  In fact, the people selling many of the charity items were actually haggling to get rid of merchandise.  A Scott Eyre signed jersey marked $125 went for $100 after the buyer decided $125 was too much and decided to walk away.  Now that is something I have never seen in all the years I have attended.  But plenty of other items raked in big bucks, like game used bats, balls, street banners and empty Champagne bottles from the playoff celebrations.

I picked out a locker name plate grab bag for $30 and wound up with Carlos Ruiz, Miguel Cairo and Mick Billmeyer (bullpen coach).  The Ruiz plate was worth the $30, so I was happy with that.  I have also been working on a collection of signed 2008 World Series balls and am trying to get every player on the team.  But some players who have gone, like So Taguchi, may be impossible to get now.  So I decided to try to buy a Taguchi signed regular ball, which they had a box of there, but by the time I got up front in the line, they were sold out.  Yes folks, an entire box of Taguchi signed balls, gone.  Did everyone else have the same idea I had or are there just huge numbers of Taguchi fans out there that I do not know about?  I can tell you, he was not popular here in Philly at all, so I thought that was a bit weird.  Maybe because they were only $5 people didn’t care who signed it ;o)

While there were not any players there, everyone did have a chance to meet with broadcasters Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler, who was signing his new book, “View From the Booth.”  I think Dickie Noles was there too, but I did not see him.  And Milt Thompson was scheduled to sign copies of a hitting DVD he put out later that day.  I ran into Tom in the clubhouse store and chatted with him for a while, then got my book signed by Chris.  Here I am below with Wheels, plus a shot of a Holiday tree and Phanta Claus, who was entertaining the kids:

holiday sale.jpg
It was a dreary day outside, which may have kept some shoppers home.  Rain, slush and snow also dampened the Philadelphia Santa Claus parade, which made its way around the ballpark with fire engines, sirens and bright lights, although the only people silly enough to be outside were those of us waiting in line to get into the Holiday Sale.  Not sure if the Phillies tree lighting went off as planned as I cut out early, but here is a photo of the tree taken from inside the Hall of Fame club:

DSCF5041 cr.jpg
I also walked around the concourse a bit to see what the off-season ballpark looked like.  Turns out, they wrap the mobile concession stands with giant tubes of Saran Wrap.  This is either to protect them from the elements, or the stands have been put on some weird plastic wrap weight-loss plan:cling film.jpg

Maybe they can shrink the prices while they are at it?  Just a thought ;o) 

So, did anyone else go to the sale?  What did you think about it?  Feel free to comment below :O)



  1. rrrt

    Hey Jenn! We went to the Holiday Sale today, figuring it would be less crowded. Also, I didn’t have a burning need to meet Chris Wheeler, Milt Thompson or Dickie Noles :-). Took the kids’ picture with Phanta Claus. There was still some good stuff available – I splurged on one of the champagne bottles. I noticed they had marked down the prices on quite a few of the signed balls, bats, etc. I saw the Adam Eaton balls were only $5 to begin with; to mark them down they’d have to give them away! I jokingly asked the girl behind the table if anyone actually was willing to even pay $5 for an Eaton ball – she said yesterday a guy bought 5 of them, plus two Eaton caps! He said she was probably wondering why he was buying all of them, and she said yeah, she was wondering. He said he was planning to give them as gag Christmas gifts! Instead of coal in your stocking, you get an Eaton ball. 🙂
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. Jane Heller

    I must say the Phillies do seem to have a lot of events for fans to enjoy. Glad you didn’t come away empty-handed, although the rain and slush didn’t look like a whole lot of fun. We’re about to get hit with two storms here in CA. Mudslides, oh joy!

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Sue, that is HYSTERICAL! OMG…I was thinking the same thing…who would buy that? That guy had a great idea…LOL
    Jane – Mudslides? Ewww! I think I’ll stick with the East Coast snow ;o) Be safe!

  4. raysrenegade

    Knowing you and your contacts, maybe you can let people know you might be willing to trade one of those plates, or some other Phillie collectible for one of those Taguchi signed World Series balls.
    Bartering is a natural thing up in that part of the woods, and you know you got readers who might be able to steer you in the right direction, or get you in touch with an anxious seller.
    Hope you get that complete set, that would be an awesome thing to have in your collection.
    If I had one of the things you needed, it would be yours.
    I still get people trying to buy my World Series game 3-5 tickets from me.

    Rays Renegade

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