Catch & Toss

The Phillies found a back-up catcher today when they signed Brian Schneider to a $2.75 million, 2 year deal.  Schneider spent the last 2 years with the Mets and the previous 8 seasons with the Nationals/Expos.  The best news here is that Schneider was notorious for being a Phillie killer; pitching to him has been a 10 year nightmare.  Overall, Schneider is  a .251 hitter and should fit nicely into the back-up spot vacated by Paul Bako and Chris Coste before that.

And in a very odd twist to the situation, Coste has just been signed by the Mets!  P6216152 CCoste.jpgCoste started the 2009 season with the Phillies before being tossed and subsequently picked up off waivers by Houston in July.  The self-proclaimed 33-year old rookie is now in enemy threads which is sure to send shockwaves throughout Philadelphia.  Coste was well loved in Philly and many were unhappy with his departure.  Not to mention, many would rather see him retire than play in a Mets uniform.  It is a sad, sad day for Coste fans.  But look at the bright side; at least we will get to see him a lot next year :O)

As for the other holes in the line-up, like third base, no word yet except that midnight tonight is the deadline for all teams to offer salary arbitration to their free agents.  The Phillies are likely to offer arbitration to Chan Ho Park as they have stated they want him back next year.  Park may decline and decide to look around for a starting pitching spot as several teams have seemed interested in him.  If he accepts, he will be with the Phillies for 2010 and probably get a raise.  As for the other free agents, Bako and Eric Bruntlett are out of the picture with their replacements already signed in Brian Schneider and Juan CastroBrett Myers has already been shown the door, as has Jack TaschnerPedro Feliz, Pedro Martinez, Matt Stairs and Miguel Cairo are also unlikely, although Stairs and Cairo may be offered minor league deals. 

Ticket Prices

So, have we all looked at our season ticket invoices yet?  This is not a huge shock, but Phillies ticket prices went up again this year by $2- $4 per ticket.  Not only that, but some season ticket holders received worse seat assignments.  Someone I know got bumped backwards 2 rows in the same section.  So, we are now paying more for less?  While 2 rows is not earth shattering, traditionally, season ticket holders have been rewarded for their loyalty with better seats from year to year, not punished.

So yes, the World Series win in 2008 plus the return trip in 2009 do affect the prices, unfortunately.  But that does not make it any easier to swallow.  The money does not go towards improving the team or free agency; it is just more in the pockets of the owners.   And with the team winning now, they do it simply because they can.

Prices over the recent years have increased tremendously.  A seat that cost $42 in 2004 is now $58 for 2010.  The last year of the vet for the same seat was $26.   What I am wondering though is what happens when the team sucks again?  Do we become the Nationals with a stadium that is only 25% full?  I follow the team win or lose, but I will not pay those prices to see them lose when I can do that at home for free.  Then again, maybe they will never suck again…one can dream ;o)

So, did anyone else get there ticket invoice and wonder what happened?  Did you get the same seats or did you get bumped back?  What do you think about the prices?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Coste photo by Jenn


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  1. fightinphillies

    I am a Sunday plan season ticket holder so the two dollar per seat takes the seats higher but at a level I am still comfortable with price wise I sit in the first level in the outfield. I couldn’t afford a seat for 14 games between 1st and 3rd base really, so that’s too bad that they are rising so quickly at $55 – 58 each. I remember only a few short years ago in the Vet, the same tickets were much more reasonable but you had more seats in that stadium also, it wasn’t as intimate as CBP is that is for sure.

    Anyway my real gripe is parking going up to $15 – this year, that is a high price to park. It just seems like they want to fleece you of all your money. I wouldn’t pay anymore to park at the stadium, if it goes to $16 in ’11 – I won’t renew my seats. I am even thinking of not renewing next year, and maybe only picking two or three games out of the season and be happy with that. Like you said in your post, you seats shouldn’t move, you should have first chance at renewing your seats and now that you mention about the seats, they are so small it’s not really comfortable unless your in the Diamond Club Box Seats or Hall of Fame seats really!

  2. redstatebluestate

    This seems to be the trend all around baseball. I’m not fortunate enough to be a season ticket holder — I’m more a sucker for the cheap matchup (i.e. Sox v. Royals, et al) but I am equally as perturbed to see all the prices go up. I remember going to Dodger stadium in 2003 for $9 (bleacher seat but still). And that wasn’t that long ago. Stick it to the fan, they say. As long as players are making $20 million a year, someone (you and I) has to pay for it.

  3. The BILF Reporter

    My parents are Sunday season ticket holders, and while they didn’t complain too much about the price increase, they’re really ticked that they will be given fewer playoff game ticket opportunities than last year. Last year they were given tickets to 3 games…this year it’ll only be 2 games. 😦

  4. raysrenegade

    That pickup of Brian Schneider will be beneficial beyond just getting rid of a “Phillie Killer”.
    Gives the Phillies a little more flexibility behind the plate, and also upgrades the position a bit.
    So far I have seen pretty low increases on the MLB’s teams Season Tickets prices for 2010.
    I know with the Rays, my section only went up $ 99 for the entire season.
    Teams recognize the financial pains of the public, and know that if they try and boost or even hide raises, people will balk and stay home, or attend games less.
    But so far it seems that the MLB clubs have done the right thing……… far.

    Rays Renegade

  5. Jane Heller

    Sorry to hear about the rise in ticket prices. I’d be mad if my seats were bumped back, I can tell you that! I guess it’s a good thing I’m just a TV watcher for the most part and only attend a few games a year these days, via StubHub.

  6. devilabrit

    Unfortunately these days I am too far away to go for the season tickets… but it could be worse, it could be Yankee Stadium prices, or it could be the Indians or the Nats you have to watch for that price…2009 was actually cheaper to go to a Phillies game than an Indians game….and when the win the World Series in 2010, then 2011 prices will probably be higher again…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

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