Will There Be An Early Christmas Halladay For The Phillies?

Oh yes, here we go again…  It is only mid-November and the Roy Halladay rumor mill is already in full swing.  While the Phillies were unable to strike a deal with the Blue Jays in July for the star pitcher and instead wound up with Cliff Lee (and we are all ok with that, of course), the Jays may still be looking for a chance to get Halladay off their payroll.

If the Phillies can manage a deal for Halladay, odds are they will have to pay much less for him than they would have in July since now he is only good for one potential post-season instead of two.  begging cat.jpgBut the Jays are probably still interested in the Phillies top prospect, Kyle Drabek, whom the Phillies are unlikely to part with.  In an interesting twist however, it has also been rumored that the Jays might be willing to take Cole Hamels.  Can I get a Hallelujah and an Amen to that possibility?!!

Although Hamels is six years younger than Halladay, he had a terrible season for the Phillies and most fans are sick of his emotional issues, media faux pas and lack of composure on the mound.  Odds are, not many people would be sad about such a trade.  Sadly, if this were rumored last season, there may have been riots in the street full of angry fans unwilling to let the World Series MVP go.  But now?  Not so much…

Besides upgrading the pitching staff, it appears the Phillies now need a third baseman as Pedro Feliz did not have his option picked up.  The Phillies can still sign him as agree agent if they come to an agreement, but it looks more likely that the Phils will look elsewhere. 

PA312135 Feliz.jpg
Feliz had a decent season, but I think he really screwed himself in the playoffs where he hit only .167, made unproductive outs in crucial situations and hit into double plays that killed rallies.  Plus, he is 34 years old, which does not help his case.

The top prospects for third base right now are Chone Figgins, Adrian Beltre, Mark DeRosa and former Phillie, Placido Polanco.  Figgins would be the best choice, although fans loved Polanco when he was here and many were upset when Chase Utley took his job.  Hind sight, as they say, is 20/20. 

Back in 2005 when Polanco went to the Tigers, many Phillies fans felt he should have been moved to 3rd base to keep him on the team, myself included.  As it turns out, had the Phillies done so, Polanco would likely still be with us.  Up to that point, he had moved back and forth from 2nd to 3rd base for years.  But after going to the Tigers, it was 2nd base all the way.  The question then with Polanco is, could he transition back to 3rd after more than 4 years steady at 2nd?  That may be too big a question for the Phillies to consider taking him.

So, third base is wide open right now and several other Phillies have filed for free agency; Chan Ho Park, Matt Stairs, Paul Bako, Pedro Martinez and Miguel Cairo.  The Phillies will not likely sign Martinez again, as he will command too hefty a salary and they need a more consistent arm.  Park is a possibility, Cairo and Bako will probably not be back and Stairs I am not too sure about.  My feeling was that he might retire, but since he has filed, I now do not know what is on his mind.  But this leaves the Phillies with the need for a back-up catcher, a right handed bat off the bench and a variety of pitching needs.

As for our walking wounded, both Scott Eyre and Raul Ibanez had successful surgeries yesterday and are expected to make recoveries before Spring Training.  Eyre may or may not decide to retire so his future is uncertain.  Ibanez, we hope, will be back to 2009 first-half form.  Brad Lidge will have surgery tomorrow.  What exactly is wrong with him will be an interesting revelation.  We should have more information in the days to come.

Feliz photo by Jenn


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  1. rrrt

    So you’d be willing to part with Cole? I don’t think I’d give up on him that quick, I’d like to see if he can bounce back next year. If he has another subpar season, then “see ya!”
    I’m not sorry to see Feliz go (assuming he doesn’t get re-signed), other than the one game, his production during the WS was atrocious (sp?)! Too many swings at bad pitches, and letting the good ones go by for strikes. Aargh!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. latetothegame

    Pretty please for Cole Hamels’ departure? That’s a bit harsh. Let’s remember that the Phillies special sauce is heart. Hamels has lots of it, his mechanics are fine. He went so far in his heart for Philly that he bought a house here, and his son was born at Lankenau Hospital, where, ahem, I was born too, many years ago. Let’s review the equation for a great Phillies player:

    0.60 * Heart + 0.40 * Skill = Phillies Player


  3. letsgophillies

    I don’t like Hamels for 1 year of Halladay. Mostly because it won’t be a 1 for 1 deal. They will need to give up Hamels and prospect(s). Also, if I remember correctly, the reason the Phillies traded Polanco instead of making a move to 3rd was because he didn’t want to play 3rd. If he’s willing to do that now, I would be excited to see him return.

  4. akolansky1@comcast.net

    Keep cole in philly.He is a very young 2008 WS MVP player who has pitched alot of baseball in the past two seasons.Fatigue may have been a factor this year similiar to when a college football player makes the transition into the nfl.Luckily the phillies have had alot of extra baseball the past few years.I hope they consider bringing up kyle drabek this season & mix him into the rotation.
    Young players need to be given the shot to step up.Then you add Haap into the mix.Then add a middle of the road 5th.Sign Tejada to play third & hits just increased with alot less strikeouts in the lineup.Take Halladay only if Toronto parts with him for propects Brown & current Philly
    J Haap.Don’t put Drabek in the deal.Don’t mortgage the away the future when the team is only a few players away from winning this thing in 2010.

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    First of all, sorry about the Phillies. I was rooting for them, but I thought they put up a great fight. Cliff Lee was phenomenal, and I cried when Pedro pitched– so emotionally moving. If the Phillies get Halladay, they would have an even stronger starting rotation. I wouldn’t give up on Hamels yet though. He is still young, he needs growing room!

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